A Quick Editorial Note about this Website

By John Galt
April 3, 2016 17:50 ET

As some of you may have noticed, the links section has changed somewhat with the majority of “pro-Trump” alleged news sites and blogs being removed from the list.

I’ve received a number of emails about this and to those queries is simple:

If one manages a news aggregation, message board, or blog where they are too stupid, retarded, or willfully incapable to see what an evil threat to the American way of life and our Constitution one Donald J. Trump really is, then that website is akin to posting super conspiracies about robots or aliens selecting our next President or worse, insane theories about how Trump will remove fluoride from our water and Communism from the establishment.

The joke is on those individuals come November as TRUMP IS THE ESTABLISHMENT.

Regardless of how the elections turn out, the credibility of many radio hosts, websites, and major news outlets will be gone forever and the marketplace will render a judgment for or against them.

I do not intend to support or partake in such stupidity.

I have better things to do with my time than fool with people who are that willfully ignorant.

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