Why I am BACK on the #NeverTrump Train Until the Election is Over

by John Galt
April 8, 2016 19:25 ET

I have been leaning #NeverTrump for a while but on March 3rd, the evil GOP establishment convinced me to tolerate the moron and jump off the train as a result of this:

Mitt Romney and the GOPe Just Made me Hop Off the #NeverTrump Bandwagon

I wish to congratulate a few people and organizations for permanently changing my mind:

  1. All the message boards who have decided to become propaganda mouthpieces posting lies and nonsense about Senator Ted Cruz
  2. All the Woo-Woo news sites (Infowars, Quayle, Gateway Pundit, Trumpbart, etc.) who have made the National Enquirer and Donald Trump campaign their official news source(s).
  3. The Fox News Channel; they make the old Radio Moscow World Service look credible.
  4. In addition, the asshole known as Jerry Rivers, aka, Geraldo Rivera who slandered Senator Cruz by attempting to paint Ted as “anti-Semitic” with no factual basis to do so other than the fact that Rivera is allegedly a fluffer for Trump also.
  5. Sean Hannity, Micheal Savage, Laura Ingraham, and the other so-called “conservative” talk show hosts who have yet to ask this assclown one serious question about his proposed policies or how he will guarantee our Constitutional rights should he win. Don’t believe me? Watch these hard core questions from Sean “my tampon gets soaked when I host Donald” Hannity:

Yeah, those are tough hard hitting questions right Sean?

So tonight, thankfully, Mark Levin joins the #NeverTrump movement, and we welcome you aboard sir (via TheRightScoop):

Mark Levin just announced he is officially #NEVERTRUMP!

The problem for the sheeple who do not understand this concept is simple:

IF, and that is now a big IF with Senator Cruz’s brilliant strategy to reach 1237 delegates by the 2nd or 3rd ballot at the RNC Convention, it will not crush me, my family, or my future.

As far as I’m concerned, it Trump wins, it means I contact my overseas realtor and move up my plans by a decade plus. As far as the rest of you, stuck here in the delusional fantasy known as Trump v. Clinton, you’re screwed either way.

They both suck.

They are both Progressives.

They are both crooks.

And while I’m sipping tropical drinks and eating local delicacies, you morons who supported the Drumpf will find out real quick, should he win, is that he is full of more shit than a goose that gorged itself on seed and fruit for two months straight. You want it, you deserve it.

I have a plan.

97% of you don’t.

Screw you.

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