Hannity the Hypocrite Loses it With Ted Cruz

by John Galt
April 20, 2016 1945 ET

Yesterday on the Sean Hannity Radio Show, the host who is obviously 100% in the bag for Donald Trump, lost it on Presidential Candidate Senator Ted Cruz when the good Senator went on the attack against his boy(via Mediate on YouTube):

Needless to say, Senator Cruz is not backing down and doubled down when he was on the Chris Stigall radio show in Philadelphia today where he stated “There are hosts who make the decision to go in the tank for Trump!”

Of course NewsCorp and Fox News would vigorously defend Hannity if need be, but the truth of what Ted Cruz said was provided courtesy of this montage created by the Washington Free Beacon on April 4th which blows Hannity’s claim of “no bias” out of the water:

Thus why I have declared Sean Hannity to be the Official FNC Trump Fluffer and quit accurately so.


Thank you Senator Cruz for sticking to your guns and exposing the hypocrisy of the so-called “conservative” media.

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