The Delusional World of Trumptards

by John Galt
April 24, 2016 15:10 ET

In the last three weeks, I thought I could not be any more amazed and stunned by the blithering stupidity of supporters of one Donald J. Trump, aka, Trumptards.

I hereby retract that statement.

The delusion is not only strong with these weirdos, it extends into the formerly, now allegedly, conservative and patriot media community and worse, into churches, major television networks, and a few bitter clinging political has-beens who desire a return to relevancy; right Dr. Carson?

Wow. Pretty sad there, but not totally unexpected in this bitter political climate.

Apparently Dr. Carson believes that as a “good Christian” one should not fear endorsing Donald Trump for President. I guess by that notion, Carson also feels Larry Flynt is awesome and would make a great HHS Secretary in the Trump administration.


Of course the Trumptards can’t just stop with Dr. Carson. This week we had El Trumpollini come out himself and advise his minions that it was no big deal for a convicted 45 year old child molester to enter into a ladies restroom in North Carolina and pee while someone’s 7 year old daughter was in the next stall by herself in great danger from the freak. The Trumptards immediately started the usual “that’s not what he meant” and “that’s not what he said” nonsense which they have been spewing non-stop for many months now to defend his left wing ideology.

Of course there is no serious economic impact on North Carolina beyond a few losers cancelling their contracts and some fading tech companies not adding jobs there. Trump had to listen to someone else provide his opinion for him and instead of addressing the issue with common sense, he of course created the usual false pretense which has been the course of his campaign for almost a year now.

Naturally, El Trumptard Numero Uno could not stop there. Of course not. He then went on to say this:

So the very people who create jobs need higher taxes to encourage them to create more jobs by having less money and profit to do so with?

This is very much the tact of Socialists like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton so if Trump decides to shock everyone at the RNC convention in July and crossdress as a Hillary clone, there will not be too much shock in the room.

The Trumptards of course on the internet had the typical classic reaction:

“yeah, it’s time they pay their fair share”

“They ripped us off so it’s time to punish them”

and the classic:

“If it means I get lower taxes, that’s fair”

Obviously if you’re a Trumptard, you have little if any education in economics, be it based on the Austrian School or Keynes.

Finally, the Trumptards are running around all excited because their favorite newspaper for analyzing alien naval lint has uncovered the ultimate vast right wing conspiracy:


So basically the Enquirer and its ownership, a well known Donald Trump supporter, have floated a story that a then anti-Communist Rafael Cruz suddenly decided to embrace a communist, Lee Harvey Oswald, and assist in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The Trumptards on the internet jumped on this story with great fervor saying “see, we told you they were corrupt globalists” and then somehow trying to tie Rafael Cruz’s ascent in the oil industry and the assassination to working with the Bush family  to help create a petroleum empire by eliminating their enemies.

The Trumptards are not only consuming way too much flouride in their toothpaste and water, but I think they are mixing it with other substances to cause these delusions.


About the only things that have not been attributed to the Cruz family so far have been the Ecuador earthquake, the Space Shuttle crash, and the Ebola outbreak. Give it time however, and the Trumptards will get around to this.

Thus the absurd insane world of Trumptards. Leading “conservative” news commentators and hosts offer scant rebuke of these stories and just nod their heads with tacit approval so they can remain in the good graces of the Trump Mafia. The internet followers who are dying for some sort of never to be received reward from a Trump administration keep acting as the propaganda arm thinking they are in his good graces when in reality he will turn on them as he has everyone else in his life.

Unfortunately the delusion will continue until this man loses the nomination or election in November.

God help us all.


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