04.27 23:05 ET: Bank of Japan Screws Yellen, TAKES NO ACTION!

by John Galt
April 27, 2016 23:05 ET

Japan has elected to maintain its current levels of funding with rates and stimulus unchanged.

Kuroda basically just told Janet Yellen to go fawk herself.

The Japanese Yen just soared against the U.S. Dollar on the announcement (screenshot via BloombergTV):


The candlestick on the 1 minute chart via NetDania was even more impressive:


Meanwhile in the U.S., S&P and Dow futures, well, shit the bed on the announcement:


Everyone knew something was up when Kuroda delayed the announcement but to see this type of action and reaction tells everyone that the world banking system is no longer coordinating with Janet “I haven’t got a fucking clue” Yellen and the morons in Brussels.

Look for a brutal selloff tomorrow followed up by more meetings over the weekend as even Facebook’s bullshit earnings will not save what is about to hit with the currency wars.

Here are the key futures markets courtesy of FINVIZ.com for everyone to follow (prices updated by delayed 15 minutes):







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