Progressive Democrats are in as Much Disarray as the Conservative Republicans (VIDEO)

by John Galt
May 1, 2016 13:55 ET


One night while having a beer with one of my Libertarian friends, he revealed a stunning fact to me which required a little bit of research to validate. I was skeptical as hell when he told me “You do realize the Democrats are just as f***ed up as the Republicans right? The extreme left and Progressives despise Hillary as much as we (Conservative/Libertarians)  hate Trump.” I told him he was nuts but would check it out.

Sure enough, the election is beginning to look more and more like 1912.

The Democrat Party in 1912 hated the idea of nominating Woodrow Wilson who they considered devoid of any personality or charisma and they thought would get smoked by one of the Republicans, either Taft or the Progressive Party (Bull Moose) nominee Theodore Roosevelt. However, Roosevelt’s ego, much like Trump’s in the current era, superseded the good of the nation and the Republican Party opening the door for the Democrats to win due to division within the GOP. In addition if Bernie Sanders wanted to, he could fulfill the role from 1912 of Eugene V. Debs who ran as the Socialist Party candidate only to wither with only 900,000 votes nationwide almost killing the communist movement at that time.

The leftists of the current election cycle within the Democrat Party are furious. Their dreams of moving America into a Progressive-Socialist utopia is now destroyed with Sanders losing in his party’s rigged primary system and the disillusion is strong within the far left.

Don’t believe me? Check out this video from one of the most left of the leftist’s, talk radio show host Mike Malloy(Warning: Typical Liberal bad language):

That’s right. He refuses to vote for either nominee, Clinton or Trump, and will sit this election out. If this is not an indication as to how bad the situation is for the Democrat Party, I do not know what is. Both political parties are committing suicide with their “presumptive” nominees for this election. No matter who wins, America loses and the voters anger and disillusion will only expand proportionally. Malloy is without a doubt a prime representative of the Progressive left wing of the Democrat Party and his opinion should not be taken lightly considering the state of the American electorate.

Hopefully the extremists do not carry it the next logical step further.

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