A Quick Thank You to Senator Ted Cruz

by John Galt
May 3, 2016 19:25 ET


Thank you for standing up for the U.S. Constitution.

Thank you for being the ONLY principled conservative who fought to the end.

Thank you for remembering that Ronald Reagan was right and fought to keep America great in the eyes of history.

Thank you for not selling out to the establishment, the GOP party bosses, and the media.

Lastly, thank you for a futile effort when the equivalent of billions of dollars was donated to Donald Trump in media time to offset any chance of having your message heard.

I pray you continue your resistance against whomever wins in your last two years as a U.S. Senator and please, block anything President Clinton tries to do until the GOP Establishment rigs the elections and forces you from office in 2018.

God Bless you and your family, as it was not fair for what you endured from the enemies of freedom and liberty.

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