Mary Matalin Demonstrates Principle over Party: She is now a Registered Libertarian

by John Galt
May 6, 2016 18:45 ET


This doesn’t help the #Trumptard cause…

The announcers in this interview were caught 100% totally unaware and when she said it it was like, “holy carp!”

The reality?

On today’s Glenn Beck Radio Show she explained why she switched and the reason is simple:

The Constitution is more important than any party.

If Abraham Lincoln had dared to put the Whig Party ahead of our nation’s interests, then indeed we may have avoided a bloody Civil War but in exchange endured slavery until the late 19th Century.

Thank you Ms. Matalin for demonstrating, ‘provisionally’ of course, that our Constitution supersedes the ‘party’ which is a mistake many have made now and throughout history.

Of course the Trumptards will now call here a “slut, skank, etc.” or worse. Too bad she views the nation as more important than Amerika’s first Used Car Salesman for President.

Now for the bigger question: How many Trumptards actually understand how important her opinion and historic support of Conservative candidates and causes since the Reagan era?

(Probably ZERO since most of them don’t care about reality)

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