The #NeverTrump Solution Requires One Candidate to do More

by John Galt
May 7, 2016 14:25 ET


That poster sums up the dilemma the #NeverTrump campaign.

Everyone in the political blogosphere has been running around proposing various courses of action while sitting in their swivel chairs.  Others have offered commentary illustrating just how lost they are to find any course of action for the #NeverTrump movement. Buck Sexton offered up a striking warning without realizing it in a CNN commentary he penned the other day:

And the reality is that there are even bigger questions facing conservatism as a movement and ideology — existential ones. If the GOP has been the party of conservative values up until now, what does it become when it throws its weight behind a decidedly un-conservative standard-bearer? If conservatives can’t back their party’s nominee, where do they go?

Nobody really has an answer yet. But more than just the 2016 election hangs in the balance.

Thus the old paralysis by analysis appears to be setting in. The theory being of the movement that we have to do something, but nothing is the only answer at the moment. Andrew McCarthy, a true intellectual giant within the conservative movement, stated in his article today at National Review Online what I would call the defining strategy for the #NeverTrump movement with this quote:

I would support only an independent bid that has a decent chance to succeed — either in getting the 270 electoral votes needed to win or, more likely, denying that Electoral College majority to any candidate, which would throw the election into the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. There, Clinton would stand the least chance of winning.

Is this realistic?


If a sincere, principled, credible candidate took the firestorm he or she would create by running as a third party or independent candidate taking electoral votes away from Trump and insulating the damage to the conservative movement while helping to retain at least the House of Representatives if not the U.S. Senate also within Republican control, then this could be considered a victory. Since there is little difference between the prototypical Trump and Clinton voter on many issues, they would basically be competing for the same group of voters in many states, leaving a viable alternative the opportunity to secure at least 20-25% of the vote and deny a clear cut Electoral College majority of 270 electors. Once that happens, the people’s legislative branch will make the final decision on who will be President and it might not be any of the three major candidates which create this nightmare.

Has this happened in history before?

If one dismisses the election of 1877 where an independent commission was created to resolve the electoral crisis(which became the Federal Election Commission), the answer is yes and in 1825 John Quincy Adams was selected over Andrew Jackson despite Jackson having the larger total of popular votes. From the historical archives of the U.S. House of Representatives:

Since the 12th Amendment, one other presidential election has come to the House. In 1824, Andrew Jackson of Tennessee won a plurality of the national popular vote and 99 votes in the Electoral College—32 short of a majority. John Quincy Adams was runner-up with 85, and Treasury Secretary William Crawford had 41. Speaker of the House Henry Clay had 37 and expected to use his influence in the House to win election. But the 12th Amendment required the House to consider only the top-three vote-getters when no one commands an overall majority. The House chose Adams over Jackson. And when Adams made Clay Secretary of State, Jackson said the two had struck a corrupt bargain. “[T]he Judas of the West has closed the contract and will receive the thirty pieces of silver . . . Was there ever witnessed such a bare faced corruption in any country before?” Jackson said.

The reaction of the country would certainly be volatile as would the reactions of Ms. Clinton and Mr. Trump. However it is within the framework of the U.S. Constitution under the 12th Amendment and is a viable path for the #NeverTrump movement.

So who should fulfill this role as spoiler if not plausible Presidential candidate as time is short and the move to register and be on all 50 state ballots is fast approaching?

Mary Matalin, a long time conservative and GOP strategist, charted a course of action with her recent switch to the Libertarian Party where she reminded Glenn Beck in an interview on Friday morning that “the GOP left her and all conservative voters” not that she abandoned them.

This leaves the GOP Establishment searching for a viable alternative and lost in the woods as there is no one that they can propose that would be acceptable to the American people. Thus by their ineptitude the burden of saving this nation from either a Clinton or Trump Presidency, sadly, falls squarely on the shoulders of one man who has the integrity and capacity to pull this off:


It is a lot for our nation to ask of you sir.

The Republican Party has left you. They mocked you at every turn. They offered you little support on principled issues like de-funding Obamacare, blocking judicial and other nominations who were leftist extremists, and in the background they fought to undermine not just your reputation, but any political influence you may have had in Washington, D.C. In fact, they will offer strong opposition to your re-election as a Senator if our nation is still a viable entity in 2018 after two years of a Clinton or Trump Presidency.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will not welcome you back to the chambers nor will he allow any programs or proposals you support to move forward.  In fact Senator Cruz, you will be 100% neutered by the Republican revenge squad, looking to make sure that you pay the price for failing to pay homage to their precious Washington cartel.

Thus I think you should contact the leadership of the Libertarian Party, communicate your intention to see if they are amenable to having you challenge Gary Johnson and Austin Petersen for the Libertarian Presidential nomination at the upcoming convention in Orlando, Florida on Memorial Day weekend, and at that point of time, begin the campaign to re-establish the Constitution as the sole source of governance for a nation gone awry. Your supporters as will millions of voters will rise up to support such a move and quite possibly make the Libertarian Party that much needed viable alternative as the Republicans descend into a similar state of chaos as the Whigs during the 1850’s.

There are nor other candidates or prospective candidates with the staff, funding base, or voters that can jump in at this late date to make any difference or move a third party forward fast enough to stop the destruction that Trump and Clinton will cause on our nation if they are the only two candidates.

I realize your family is exhausted as you are also sir, but your nation needs you more than ever to save us from crossing into they abyss and slipping beneath the waves of history.

General George S. Patton said it best:


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