Why Democrats Secretly WANT Donald Trump to Become President in 2016

by John Galt
May 8, 2016 13:40 ET


In the past months of political nonsense, unfair, and irrational comparisons have been made of one Donald J. Trump to the rallies Adolph Hitler used to hold. While the visual aura of individuals raising their arms in an oath to a political figure seems horrifying to most Americans; but if one understands the entertainer that is Trump, one would know that this was for show, not for some devious purpose like the school children who were forced in 2009 to sing songs of praise to President Obama.

Yet individuals like Glenn Beck and conservative writers throughout the land make mistakes on both sides of the discussion. Glenn’s disparate comparisons to Hitler is hyperbole, a fallacious argument without merit as Trump has neither militaristic goals, nor the manhood to execute such extremes; if anything Mussolini is a much more appropriate immediate analogy. On the other side,  Ann Coulter has transitioned from a leading conservative writer into a bizarre shell of a responsible Constitutionalist into a cult follower, as one who sounds like nothing more than the infamous Reverend Cecil Williams; a man who promoted under the guise of racism that Jim Jones was indeed a responsible white preacher whose words must be adhered to at all cost.

Sadly many men and women who I once thought I knew and respected have fallen for the spell of power, hoping to profit or promote their own goals over that of America while attempting to ride the stubby coat tails of Mr. Trump.

They too shall become disillusioned, disappointed, and destroyed in the end.

Why will they be happy in 2016 and disgusted in 2020?

Because President Trump is exactly what the Democrats want this election cycle and not for the reasons most citizens might think.

1. The Return of Hooverism

Dr. Thomas Sowell, one of America’s greatest economic and political intellectuals arguing on behalf of capitalism and conservatism penned a piece this week in Town Hall titled “An Unmitigated Disaster” where he stated the following:

For decades after Republican President Herbert Hoover was demonized because the Great Depression of the 1930s began on his watch, Democrats warned repeatedly, in a series of later presidential elections, that a vote for the Republican candidate was a vote to return to the days of Herbert Hoover.

Other responsible talk show hosts, conservative thinkers, and writers have floated the Herbert Hoover comparison to Trump and it is quite legitimate in some ways:

1. Both used crony capitalism to enhance their fortunes.
2. Both worked willingly with Progressives for personal profit over the interests of the nation as a whole.
3. Neither held any elected political office before running for and winning the Presidency (assuming Trump wins).
4. Neither served in the United States military.

These similarities would be alarming enough except that in both cases, Herbert Hoover dividing the Republicans with his support of Theodore Roosevelt in 1912 and Trump supporting Clinton in 1992 and 1996, there is a tendency for these personalities to create a vision in their mind that they know what is best for America and their leadership should never be questioned or doubted.

Hoover’s love affair and insistence that the theories of the Efficiency Movement could be applied across the entire U.S. economy and government to end poverty and waste led his administration down a path that caused a catastrophe for the nation after the Stock Market Crash of 1929. Instead of allowing the economy finish it’s natural cycle of boom or bust, Hoover insisted on engaging in large government projects and meddling with the monetary system ultimately ending in his support of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act and an increase in the income tax from 25% to 63%!

Trump apparently ignores or prefers to reside in similar circles by insisting that the private sector is more efficient but that the government can assist American corporations with preferential protections and treatment. Unfortunately for this line of thinking the facts are that America is now a multi-cultural and multi-national economic power where our private industry is disbursed among many nations destroying any hope of ever returning to a centralized planning and protectionist scheme in our lifetimes.

By counting on Trump continuing with Hooverism as an aspect of his economic policy, even if it is never referred to as such, the Progressives and Democrats know that the resulting economic calamity will push Middle America closer to supporting a quasi-Socialist European style of governance to save their retirements and incomes.

2. Getting Rid of the Clintons

Imagine having a 25 year old hemorrhoid which just itches, bleeds on occasion and provides general discomfort in public or private.

That is what the Democratic Party of the United States has been enduring with the Clinton Crime Family ever since they started running for President in 1991.

For those who think the Democrat Party membership and elites still have a love affair with Bubba and Mrs. Clinton, let me clue you in:

They are praying for Obama to allow the FBI to proceed forward with their case resulting in an indictment some time this summer for her actions regarding the email server.

Twenty plus years is enough of these clowns and their associates is what the Democrats are whispering in private.

The Democrat Party elites appreciate Senator Bernie Sanders exposing how disliked and unpopular Hillary really is. In addition, Senator Sanders validated fifty years of quasi-Marxist education via the collegiate programs in our nation as the full embrace of open Marxist ideology is now acceptable to the youth of this country. Now that the the old guy is done promoting his Socialist ideals and illustrating how old and passé the Clinton’s have become, they can pat him on the head, call him a “party elder” or such, and move forward with a quiet Progressive agenda while offering only tepid support for Hillary’s Presidential run.

Regardless of the indictment proceeding or not, without a large minority and youth turnout Hillary has little chance of winning the election against the reality television circus clown.

3. Trump is the Ultimate Democrat Party Christmas Gift

Getting rid of the Clinton Criminal Enterprise is one gift, but imagine what happens when the economy collapses, the stock market crashes, and a Republican is in office engaging in ad hominem attacks and policies to resolve a major economic crisis?

Trump’s lack of cohesive understanding of history, especially relating to economics has been on full display as he attempts to talk and act like Mr. and Mrs. “Regular” guy or girl of middle America. The problem is that the middle class is so desperate for protecting what little bit of their nest egg remains after the 2008 depression, they will believe anything that President “Good Brain” might tell them.

The bigger issue is that the nationalist agrarian populist policies (thanks to Mark Levin for that phrase) which he promotes are ideal for an economic crisis and worked wonders in America in the past. Protectionism and economic nationalism always result in a disastrous mix of rhetoric and government selecting winners and losers in the corporate world thus the ability of certain CEO’s to purchase a pass from a Trump regime will not only be frequent but eventually made public, infuriating a suffering population even more.

Of course after some of these policies were instituted in the past, we had Great Depressions like 1837 and 1929, but hey, a few eggs have to be broken along the way to starve our population into submission, right?

Donald Trump is the ultimate Democratic Party Christmas present because if the business cycle follows the stock market cycle and a coincidental recession if not worse in the next 18 months, then the Republican Party, not just Trump will get the blame. Thomas Sowell’s article at the top of this article indicates that the “Hooverism” comparisons will be in full bloom as Trump receives the blame and thus anyone who was a Republican in most of the country will become un-electable.

Imagine the mid-term election of 2018 where the Democrats achieve a veto-proof majority in the House and Senate.

Imagine the Presidential election of 2020 where Elizabeth Warren wins in a 48 state landslide.

Now imagine the Republican Party ceasing to exist as a functioning entity by 2021, and rightly so.

IF that is not the ultimate Christmas gift to the DNC, getting rid of the Clinton’s AND the Republican Party in exchange for four years of Jo-Jo the Reality TV Circus Clown being President, please pray tell, tell me what is? The problem with Republicans and especially the Johnny come lately historically ignorant Trumptards by and large is that they have and always will fail to see the Democrat/Progressive long game. This has nothing to do with “Making America Great” or saving our system in their eyes; the DNC and Progressives want a singular solitary Federal power base so they can expand their cooperation with global partners and dispose of that pesky piece of paper that Donald Trump has yet to mention in any speech:

The Constitution.


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