Ten Jobs You Won’t See in 10 Years

by John Galt
May 15, 2016 21:15 ET

1. Newspapers: Delivery Person and Distributors


Within ten years, the newspaper machine will disappear as will the person who loads them or tramples on your front yard as they throw that rolled up rag at your front door. Why you might ask?

Print media is dying, rapidly thanks to the internet and customized information delivery systems which bypass the old media, Facebook, and other current providers.

Recently in my area of Florida, the St. Petersburg Times purchased the Tampa Tribune to put them out of business and establish a monopoly in the Tampa Bay market for print newspapers. Nationally, the Gannett Corporation is attempting to purchase the Tribune Corporation. Why?

To survive.

As the older generation passes on, demographics fulfill their purpose and  the less elderly (under age 80) will continue to expand their use of smart phones, internet based solutions, and other non-print media for their information. This will impact other media online even as ventures like the Drudge Report and TheBlaze along with the less popular versions of news aggregation services like those presented by less popular liberal sources (aka, The Huffington Post) who fail to develop independent customized content shall begin to fade and eventually fail. Only those providers of original content will survive and unfortunately for them, they will have to develop national as well as regional followings to remain profitable.

2. Illegal/Migrant Farm Labor


Remember the “Terminator” movie series? The pesky fruit fly and cotton boll weevil never saw it either. Nor did the millions of uneducated, unskilled, farm laborers that the United States Chamber of Commerce demand we import into our nation to suppress wages and destroy opportunity for the lower class of American society. The American citizen is being led down a primrose path of mythology with the claim that these “non-citizens” are necessary for our corporate and family agricultural system to survive.

However, the real reason these “workers” are not going to be needed much longer is quite simple:


Imagine an employee who works at cost. An employee which works 24/7 as long as the battery charge sustains it. I can plant, plow, seed, weed, feed, water, and harvest based on a computerized schedule.

It can replace illegal aliens or legal migrants for 70% less than their cost in time, manpower, and paperwork.

Within the next decade, this will happen and America will be suck with over 15 million illegals who are nothing more than welfare recipients, unqualified to perform any tasks other than breed.

3. Security Guards


Way, way back in March of last year, I highlighted how 70 million Americans could lose their jobs in the next 10 years; now that I have seen the demonstration of security robots in person, the job of human security guard which sleeps like Barney Fife while the company is being robbed blind will disappear sooner, rather than later.


Years ago, Silicon Valley began experimenting with robots as perimeter security guards. The only thing holding them back from fulfilling their full potential is an independent software program allowing the bots to engage human threats with lethal or non-lethal force in an ethical manner; this problem and the moral issues behind it will be solved in less than 5 years rendering the human intervention as unnecessary and human guards as obsolete.

4. Assassin/Killer for Hire

Of course our government, courtesy of academia, is already hard at work on this concept:

Now imagine a hit being placed on an individual. Then think of a device like the one above, with enough high explosives placed outside the window of the target, on the roof of the car, or flying into their home, crawling on the roof and detonating. Of course this is primitive compared to where the technology will be in ten years where pre-programmed bumble bee sized bots can be detached from parent drones and dropped on to targets or target areas in great numbers for 1/100ths of the cost of deploying humans. The idea of dropping insect sized drowns with 1 mg of extreme poison or explosives designed to strike specific targets from hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles away is the ideal spy and underworld tool for the modern era.

5. Bank Teller

Cash, as we know it, will soon be illegal. Governments want this around the world not for the stated reason of “limiting crime” but for the more immediate and dire need of instantaneous economic adjustment and taxation. Thus, why in the world would anyone need to go to a bank when money can be managed from a smartphone, bio-chip based instrument, or personal device?

Of course instantaneous digital monetary transaction capacity does not bode well for the tax accounting industry like H&R Block, etc. because the governments, Federal and local, will simply seize an estimated taxes due averaged over a twelve month calculation then deduct that amount from each pay cycle. At the end of the year any over-payment is returned if the government feels it would be of better use in the taxpayer’s hands.

6. Grocery Store Cashier

As the evolution of a cashless society accelerates, the need for individuals to handle merchandise and process cash becomes less necessary by the day. In Sweden, an IT specialist has already opened a 24/7 grocery store without a cashier, thus eliminating the risk of armed robberies (excerpted from Mashable article):

Customers simply use their cellphones to unlock the door with a swipe of the finger and scan their purchases. All they need to do is to register for the service and download an app. They get charged for their purchases in a monthly invoice.

And that’s using current technology. Even with cameras and biometric ID coming in the immediate future to prevent shoplifting, the new technology using RFID will allow the cost of grocery store items to decline even further as robots stock shelves and packaging has an RFID identifier which allows the grocery store’s system to adjust the price based on daily to hourly necessity if hyperinflation does suddenly take hold.


The customer would put the item in their cart, walk up to a cashier’s station and as they bag their own groceries or if a robot does it for them, the RFID chip is scanned and their account being read off their phone or other RFID embedded card/technology charges their account.

7. Stock Broker/Financial Advisor

After such a wonderful job in 1987, 1999, and 2008, why in God’s name would anyone trust their future, their retirement, or their life savings to some gumbah in a suit who claims that he has secret information which will make the customer happier than Blue Horseshoe getting hot information on a merger from Bud Fox?


The truth is that the big investment houses are bleeding accounts and active investors of all size like stuck pigs. Online brokerages are starting to kill them in because the two successful con games where the average investor got bilked for 30% of their money in two cycles with the .com and .housing busts have created a huge distrust of individuals who represent these once honored institutions. Now the big boys are moving to robotic, more accurately, algorithmic managed methodologies for individuals who dare to keep their money on account with the big boys.  Add in the popularity of ETF’s and other new non-traditional investing methods, one would have to ask why would anyone want to deal with a politically correct MBA pansy from an Ivy League school who is a sexual harassment case away from another ensnarement and humiliation for one of these declining firms.

8. Hotel Employees: Front Desk Clerks, Maids and Bellhops

The “personal” touch in many hotels might seem ideal to many, but as the cost of doing business accelerates with mandatory health insurance, workman’s compensation insurance costs, and dealing with politically inclined employees willing to strike or shame their companies with wildcat actions such as the $15 movement, the need for those jobs will soon disappear as the cost of robotic replacements improves annually. A few upscale hotels might keep the personal touch but with the appearance of almost human like robots being tested in Japan now, it will be less than five years before the smiling front desk clerk is replaced by a smiling, yet non-smart ass multilingual robotic front desk clerk.

In Japan the bellhop has already been replaced and soon this will spread throughout the U.S. as the technology-cost ratio improves:


And sad to say this for all those con artists in Nevada, the need for illegal aliens to act as maid service for your hotels will be gone soon also. The advances in cleaning technology, not just vacuuming but changing beds and linens, cleaning bathrooms, and dusting/polishing furniture will become reality in less than 5 years also. So for the frequent flying traveler who forgets to tip one night, you don’t have to worry about the maid service brushing her dirty buttocks with your toothbrush soon as the future will save you from the latest foreign illness.

9. Fighter Pilot

The idea that war should not be so dangerous to humans is both naive and utopian in its nature. However, the United States military is continuing to look for politically correct methods to dehumanize war and put machines at greater risks than humans. Unfortunately, the problems with computer based warriors is obvious, but they do not care.


The idea of pilot-less fighters and bombers is quite appealing. Humans can not withstand 20g turns and maneuvers while robots can; robots make binary life and death decisions eliminating that split second flaw of human indecision; and finally, once mass produced the cost of training pilots is replaced with the much more affordable cost of training operators and software engineers. The US Navy has gone full speed ahead testing and actually landing an unmanned fighting vehicle on an aircraft carrier almost two years ago.


This program will be a success until it isn’t; the minute unmanned drones and UAV’s are successfully hacked by the enemy, and trust me they will be, then turned back on the originating base or aircraft carrier to attack and destroy its new target, the call for manned aircraft will result in total complete panic. Why? Because an entire generation of pilots and design specialists are dismissed from service in favor of the latest from the whiz bang kids in the Pentagon who have never fought a real war in their entire lives.

10. Fast Food Employees

What used to be considered an entry level job will soon become a robotic kiosk where food is cooked to perfection, in the perfect quantity, and in a predetermined pace thus eliminating the heat lamp warmed mess being served at many restaurants today. Why is this happening?

Economics 101 my friends.

The idiots think that $15 per hour for a job to flip burgers or screw up your order is what they are “owed”. Guess what sparky? Capitalists stay capitalists by innovating, not becoming serfs of the government to lose money to losers like you. The entry level jobs in this industry were designed to give individuals a training basis for future careers, not a life long career cleansing the milkshake machine. Yet the socialists have convinced enough of the American sheeple that this isn’t “fair” and the meager profits these companies make on a per unit sale is not justifiable.

To the rescue comes technology as demonstrated by Kentucky Fried Chicken in Shanghai:


KFC opens concept store in Shanghai as fast food enters the digital age

From the China Daily article linked above:

Located inside Shanghai’s National Exhibition and Convention Center, the “Original+” concept outlet offers customers a digitalized experience, covering everything from ordering to paying, as well as other types of entertainment.

Joey Wat, CEO of KFC China, said “Original+” combines both the company’s “Original Recipe” chicken and innovative technologies.

Consumers place their orders using Baidu’s virtual personal assistant, Duer.

Other technologies used include upgraded automatic ordering machines and Music Charging Tables, where customers can place cellphones capable of wireless charging inside a charging area, so that while the devices are being energized, their owners can relax by enjoying a list of songs customized by BaiduMP3 for the store.

Despite the idea that some people will reject this move in technological innovation, the next step will be robotic food trucks from KFC, Taco Bell, and McDonald’s renting space from other retailers to temporarily set up shop during morning rush and lunch time; their prime business hours. Only the short-sighted will miss this evolution and in the end, despite some economic dislocation and disruption for 25% of the population, our economy and nation should be stronger in the future. New jobs will appear in the future but it will be up to the individual, not the government, to find their future in this brave new world.

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