The Donald Lies Again: Trump Campaign Admits it Did not Raise $6 Million for Veterans in Iowa

by John Galt
May 20, 2016 23:40 ET

I know the Trumptards are totally sick of seeing me attack their boy, but since it is a Friday night and most of them have sent their brown shirts off to the dry cleaners, this story from CNN, courtesy of the Donald Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski, is worth reminding all of those who have a brain what a fraud this man really is:

Trump campaign admits it did not raise $6 million for veterans

The headline is not really all that shocking. Trump has lied about his charitable endeavors in the past and proclaimed all sorts of loyalty to America’s veterans while begging Democratic politicians in New York City to have them evicted off of his properties.


But for anyone who still thinks this man is as honest as Jesus?

I have a quote for you, courtesy of Bill Engvall:

From the CNN story above:

Whoops, more detail:

When Donald Trump skipped a GOP debate in January to host a fundraiser for veterans, he touted its success by citing the $6 million raised for veterans groups. One problem — that figure is inaccurate.

Following the rally in Des Moines, Iowa, the Trump campaign said the event raised $5 million and Trump personally contributed an additional $1 million. But campaign manager Corey Lewandowski told CNN Friday the amount raised was actually less than $6 million.

Lewandowski said he did not “know the exact number” off the top of his head and would confirm the number in coming days. He explained the discrepancy by saying at the time of the rally, Trump believed he had raised $6 million but more money had been pledged than was actually donated.

The Washington Post reported Friday that Lewandowski said the fundraiser actually netted about $4.5 million. Lewandowski told CNN that number is incorrect.

Trump has made support for veterans a cornerstone of his presidential bid, saying at the January 28 fundraiser, “Our vets are being mistreated… and it’s not going to happen anymore.”

But the fundraiser was light in details from the very beginning. The website initially setup to collect funds did not disclose which charities would benefit but simply said “Honor their valor” and “Donate now to help our veterans.”

Weird eh? The Trumptards had enough time and money to attack anyone who dared to defy their mission of electing Hoover v2.0 yet not enough time or money to send a check to “The Donald’s” veteran’s outreach. Then again, most of these pathetic souls are too sorry to put their money where their mouths are other than to blame another country for their misfortune or inability to find work beyond working as ancient C++ programmers for failing banksters.

C’est la vie. America is more interested in showmanship rather than reality and thus we shall get, once again, the government we deserve:

Mitch McConnell, a Boehner Clone, and Jo-Jo The Reality TV Circus Clown leading the way into America’s greatest economic depression since 1837.

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