Governor Gary Johnson Wins Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination

by John Galt
May 29, 2016 13:45 ET

The Libertarian Party has its Presidential nominee on the 2nd ballot of voting today in Orlando. With Governor Gary Johnson becoming the Presidential nominee disaffected voters who believe in the Constitution and Liberty have a chance to finally give the LP a voice in American elections. While there are some policies that I disagree with the good Governor on, the emergence of an alternative voice in this political morass known as the two party system might finally give supporters of the Constitution a new home in our political process which was extinguished when the Republican Party set out to destroy Senator Ted Cruz.

To watch the press conferences and Vice-Presidential nomination, please click on this link with live video below:

Live Stream of the Libertarian Party Convention (VIDEO)

And yes, he is the only candidate who has climbed Mount Everest:


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