The Libertarian Party Never Learns

by John Galt
May 30, 2016 12:15 ET

Some things never seem to change. One of the biggest realities in life was verified once again yesterday when a golden opportunity was dimnished by a fat assed piece of crap in Orlando, FL:

The Libertarian Party never learns.

The entire national mainstream media along with the online and print media watched the Libertarian Political Convention as the party decided on which candidates would represent them in the 2016 Presidential Election. Governor Gary Johnson won the nomination for President and his selection, Governor William Weld the nomination for Vice-President and all seemed normal and fine as the media interviewed the two candidates after their selection.

Meanwhile, later  in the day back inside the convention, party business was being conducted when the fat turd in the punch bowl decided to drop in:


I am not going to give this jackass any more publicity than he’s already received because in reality he might be a registered Republican or Democrat sent in to sabotage the convention. Of course the truth as reported is he made it on to the stage as a late entry to become national party chairman and decided to “strip” on a dare. The fact that he was even allowed to run is typical of the Libertarian Party which enjoys a tinge of anarchist within its membership as he was not even an original listed candidate before the day began.

So instead of covering the issues discussed at the convention, the opportunity for this election cycle, or how the Libertarian Party can truly be a Constitutional alternative to the two major corrupt political parties, the media issued a plethora of stories like these:

Libertarian Party chair candidate strips on stage at national convention

Libertarian Party chairman candidate strips on stage at national convention; party’s presidential candidate selected

Libertarian Party Chairman Hopeful Strips on Stage — and on C-SPAN

Wait, What?!: Watch Libertarian Party Chair Candidate Strip to a Thong on C-SPAN

Libertarian Candidate Strips Live on TV at Party Convention

Stripping Libertarian Candidate Exercises Right to Bare Arms, Legs on Live TV

Libertarians Select 2016 Ticket on Wild Convention Day, Party Chairman Candidate Strips on Stage (Seriously)

Much as I often disagree with some of the stale opinions from National Review Online, the one key sentence from their coverage of the convention particularly hit a nerve with me:

But while everyone claims to feel the Spirit of History moving through the room, no one seems keen on doing the legwork necessary to ride it.

Sadly as much fun as it might be to gather, see old friends, have a few drinks and act like an ass, there is a time and place for these things. Live on C-SPAN with the entirety of the political and mainstream media watching is not the time or place to do that.

The outgoing Party Chairman, Nicholas Sarawak should see to it that the fat turd is banned from ever attending another Libertarian Party national function ever again. Of course the argument from the ‘purists’ will be that “we have to be who we be” or some other such nonsense. The truth is that individualism is not such a paramount issue when your party might just be tasked with the job of saving the Constitution. Perhaps focusing on the bigger picture might be a wiser course of action instead of allowing every nutcase to show their ass, literally, and embarrass the Libertarian ideal as a whole.


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