More Terror in China as Passenger Attempts to Start Fire on Domestic Airliner

by John Galt
June 12, 2016 11:30 ET

In what seems to be an ongoing theme this morning, there was another attempted terrorist incident inside of China overnight. On a domestic airline flight a man attempted to set the plane on fire using a lighter and bottle of petrol but luckily was subdued by passengers and the fire extinguished before any serious damage occurred.


From the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong:

Two people were injured in the incident, which broke out aboard Flight ZH9648 shortly before it was due to land in Guangzhou. A Xinhua report said there had been a “flight disruption”, while its microblog said it was a fire.

Slides were deployed and 95 passengers and nine crew made an emergency evacuation. The police were waiting and took the man into custody.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China said a passenger aboard the flight from Taizhou in Zhejiang province had tried to start a fire but failed. An investigation was under way, it said, without giving any other details.

Photos posted on Weibo showed a damaged airline seat and smoke-blackened door.

A passenger told Zhejiang-based Dushi Kuaibao the incident happened about half an hour before landing, and the man tried twice to start a fire.

“The flight attendants were making landing preparations, and they saw a fire at one of the doors. Two flight attendants and one passenger put out the fire with extinguishers,” the passenger was quoted as saying, adding the man also held a knife.

Several crew and passengers tried to control the man and he was pushed into the first-class cabin, where he set fire to a newspaper.

Unbelievable. While this and the airport attack might seem totally isolated incidents, there is a possible tie to Islamists taking action against the Beijing government as they have been fighting with the Uyghurs in Xinjiang for decades now.

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