06.18 23:00 ET – Ukraine Civil War: Heavy Fighting in Mariupol and Donetsk Tonight (VIDEO)

by John Galt
June 18, 2016 23:00 ET

The video above is purported to be a firefight between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian forces outside of Donetsk earlier this evening. Keep in mind that it is very difficult to verify the validity of many reports posted on the internet from this region but if confirmed along with the other breaking news of the evening, then the situation is deteriorating inside the Ukraine conflict as quickly as it is along the NATO-Russian border in the West of Russia. Tonight appears to be the first action near Mariupol in many months and it was very intense killing at least one Ukrainian soldier during a period of heavy shelling by pro-Russian forces. Twitter lit up with reports of the shelling tonight:


The junta in Kiev confirmed the attack which was reported by RIA-Novosti in Russia(translated via Google):

Kiev announced a Mariupol armed clash in which the military killed

00:18 19/06/2016

KIEV, June 18 -. RIA Novosti Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zorian Shkiryak said that the Donbass militia firing on positions of the Ukrainian armed forces near the village of Water for Mariupol.

Fire as Shkiryak claims being of mortars and 120 mm caliber artillery systems 122 and 152 millimeters.

“According to preliminary information the death of one Ukrainian soldier battle continues.” – Wrote Shkiryak in with Facebook .

On Saturday evening, he said Shkiryak Talakovki fight in the area north of the Water and Mariupol. Then one Ukrainian soldier was wounded.

The militia of Donbass June 11 said that provocations Unit arrived at Mariupol Ukrainian security forces numbering up to 300 people. According to him, before the Ukrainian military task from 17 to 20 June to conduct a massive bombardment of the southern borders of the self-proclaimed DNR, as well as actions in Mariupol direction of sabotage and reconnaissance groups to destabilize the situation in the NPT – “to divert attention from the successive attempts to seize territories under Avdeevka, Yasinovataya and Gorlovka “.

The map courtesy of the Twitter user Liveuamap highlights the clashes near the major former conflict points in the last day and evening:


As the situation deteriorates in the Donbass region look for the Russians to finish the job before starting any conflicts with the Eurobanksters and Obama, as there is no desire for World War 3 to begin, but it would appear that President Obama is looking either to remain in power or leave a total disaster in world affairs for the next President.

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