06.19 Latest Videos from Syria: What Ceasefire?

by John Galt
June 19, 2016 14:30 ET


For some strange reason the United States and Russia are trying to maintain the charade of a “ceasefire” inside the rapidly imploding war zone known as Syria. These videos from various news sources tend to dispel that myth. Where the subject matter was posted in Arabic or another language, I have used Google Translate to accommodate my readers.

When a terrorist pick up truck is seen with a group of terrs in Aleppo yesterday, simply dial 1-800-KORNET!:

Okay, maybe I embellished that translation a tad.

And one of my favorites, what happens when you fill tunnels full of HE underneath a terrorist hot spot. Not good for the terrs:

The news for the terros doesn’t get any better today also:

Powerful blast kills top Uzbek Jihadist commander in Idlib

Ouch. That’s going to leave a mark. The world is on fire and it would appear, almost from an old book that Obama rarely if ever quotes (no, not the Koran, he quotes that all the time, the Bible silly wabbit), World War III and TEOTWAWKI may indeed start because of this Syrian Civil War which the United States has decided to act upon under pressure from the Gulf Cooperation Council, aka, Saudi Arabia.

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