America is Over: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Considering Retirement After Election

by John Galt
June 19, 2016 15:30 ET


Paul Bedard, a very reliable Washington insider who reports for the Washington Examiner, dropped the bombshell late this morning:

Clarence Thomas may be next to leave Supreme Court


Should Thomas leave, that slight majority would continue if Donald Trump becomes president. If it’s Hillary Clinton, then she would get the chance to flip two Republican seats, giving the liberals a 6-3 majority.

And, conservatives fear, that could switch to a 7-2 majority if Republican Justice Anthony Kennedy, already a swing vote, retires. He will be 80 next year.

We recently reported that if Clinton wins the presidency, her majority liberal court could stay in power at least until 2050.

And that would be all she wrote folks. Goodby America, hello 3rd world Amerika. We will lose all of our Constitutional freedoms and our nation might get thrown into a state of Civil War over some of the actions Hitlery would engage in during her reign of terror.

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