One Dirty Rotten S.O.B. has Ruined the “Never Trump” Movement

by John Galt
June 24, 2016 22:15 ET

…and it is pushing me closer to just staying home this election cycle or getting drunk and voting for Trump


The Never Trump movement was founded on great principles. The people who supported this movement were principled conservatives, individuals who did not necessarily identify themselves as Republicans first but as Constitutional Conservatives. Oh there were Democrats, Socialists, and other various leftists who latched on to the “Never Trump” movement in order to sabotage the conservative opinion makers within the Republican Party, but generally speaking the ideal and movement focused on alternatives who honored America’s history of Constitutional law and capitalist economics. Mary Matalin a noted Republican strategist demonstrated the principles behind this idea by changing her party registration to Libertarian and coming out in support of Austin Petersen for President.

Now however, the movement is in trouble.

The RINO’s have arrived. Or in this case one of the most dirty, rotten, son of a bitches to walk the halls of Congress and Executive Branch of our nation has come out in a lengthy editorial proclaiming the “me too” aspect of the Never Trump movement.

This individual is so despicable, so dishonest, I am now angry about his editorial in the Washington Post today and it is pushing me closer to just staying home this election cycle or getting drunk and voting for Trump.

Hank Paulson, one of the architects of the 2007-2009 Great Recession and the extortion of the taxpayers to bail out his friends in the banking industry has admitted he is such an honorable Republican that he is going to vote for Hillary Clinton.

How fitting.

A corrupt, venal man who used his executive power as CEO of Goldman Sachs to pressure the Bush administration to reduce the leverage thresholds and regulations so the banksters could take even greater risk levels on is supporting a woman who received hundreds of thousands of dollars to give speeches to his friends as his old company. Of course we’ll never know since both parties involved in Speechgate are so vile and corrupt they will never publish her content or how much per speech she actually was paid.

So instead of letting me stew alone, let us analyze a few of the excerpts from Hank’s editorial today so my reader’s blood pressure can rise also:

Let’s start by talking about his business acumen. When Trump assures us he’ll do for the United States what he’s done for his businesses, that’s not a promise — it’s a threat. The tactics he has used in running his business wouldn’t work in running a truly successful company, let alone the most powerful nation on Earth.

Weird, many of us said the same thing about you when you ran Goldman Sachs then the U.S. Treasury. More:

Every good businessman or -woman carefully analyzes all the available facts before making a decision. Trump repeatedly, blatantly and knowingly makes up or gravely distorts facts to support his positions or create populist divisions.

You mean Hank like when you lied to Congress about the need for TARP and said there would be bank holidays and tanks on our city streets to keep order? More:

He excels at scorched-earth tactics in negotiations during bankruptcy proceedings. Here, the “Art of the Deal” businessman is a master at advantaging himself over his fellow stakeholders and partners. In essence, he takes imprudent risk and, when his businesses fail, disavows his debts. He has branded himself as a business genius by flaunting and exaggerating his wealth. He is adept at leveraging his brand through licensing agreements that enable him to slap his name on anything he can. But while marketing and self-promotion may translate on the campaign trail, it has little relevance to running our country. And although his business dealings have allowed him to increase his inherited wealth, none of us knows by how much — we only have his word for it.

That’s funny. Under your reign of terror at Treasury, all the banksters you worked with including Goldman were able to dump all of their debts indirectly on U.S. taxpayers without our lawmakers having a reasonable chance to perform their duties to make sure it was legal and we would not get swindled by the Federal Reserve and large banks. Guess that kettle being called black saying has some meaning to it.

Lastly Paulson says:

When it comes to the presidency, I will not vote for Donald Trump. I will not cast a write-in vote. I’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton, with the hope that she can bring Americans together to do the things necessary to strengthen our economy, our environment and our place in the world. To my Republican friends: I know I’m not alone.

You’re alone. Real Republicans do not vote for Hillary Clinton. Real Republicans do not support the Clinton Crime Foundation. Real Republicans do not vote for individuals who maintain the theory of personal wealth creation via elected office by accepting protection money to use the government to make their contributors too big to fail and thus putting taxpayers on the hook for their company’s risk taking.

Thus the only conclusion to be reached is a logical one:

Hank Paulson is still a dirty, rotten, S.O.B. just like he was in 2008 during the financial crisis and is nothing more than a Republican In Name Only willing to betray the American taxpayer every chance he gets. Paulson is also the only man who has served as a bankster and public official which makes Donald Trump look honorable, viable, and his campaign worth supporting by comparison.

Screw you Hank and your vile elitist friends.

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