Watch a CNBC Commielib Get Pissed When Former Wells Fargo CEO says He’s Voting Libertarian (VIDEO)

by John Galt
June 27, 2016 20:55 ET


Thank you CNBC for the priceless picture of your commielib market propagandist when she got her Hillary Mojo look on.

Does she look mad to you? To me, she’s freaking furious. Why? A guest did not follow the CNBC libtard script even though he is a West coast multi-millionaire. Who pissed her off?

The former CEO of Wells Fargo Bank, Dick Kovacevich who failed to answer the robotic “well Hillary is better than Trump” softball question tossed up to him. His answer however, was priceless which is what set her off:

Freaking awesome.

I love watching the MSM worms get angry when their perceptions are blown up be it the NBC Marxists or FNC Trumptards.

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