America’s Beloved USMC Goes 100% PC with Gender Neutral Terminology

by John Galt
June 28, 2016 19:45 ET


Sigh. Poor America.

Our beloved United States Marine Corps has become a joke. First the panic as women failed to pass the tests to qualify for combat at a frightening 85.7% failure rate. Thus the bureaucrats are considering lowering the standards, like they did for the women who passed the US Ranger course by reducing the difficulty level to accommodate those who can not pass real time stringent requirements.

Then today, the phrase “infantryman” died a politically correct death because after all, that means a whole bunch when Russians are firing on you in the Southern Ukraine, right?

From the Washington Free Beacon this morning:

Marine Corps to Ban ‘Infantryman’


The service plans to replace 19 of its military occupational specialty titles, the Marine Corps Times reported Tuesday, seven months after Navy Secretary Ray Mabus ordered the Marine Corps to conduct a review of all job titles to ensure gender neutrality.

For most of the 19 terms that will be changed, the word “Marine” will replace the word “man.” Basic infantryman, for instance, will become Basic infantry Marine, and “reconnaissance man” will become “reconnaissance marine,” according to a list of the 33 titles reviewed that was obtained by the Marine Corps Times.

The service is expected to officially announce the changes within the coming days.

In January, Mabus penned a memo to Marine Commandant Gen. Robert Neller asking the service to fully review its military occupational specialty titles to ensure their gender neutrality. The order came after Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced that all combats roles would be opened up to women, despite objections from the Marines that some ground combat roles remain male-only.


Does this mean that Sergeant Carter would have had to wear a tampon so he could “feel” what the women he was training for combat would feel? The Marine Corps Times article spells out the changes which are beyond absurd when one reads the full list:

In most cases, the word “man” will be replaced by Marine. Those changes are as follows:

Basic infantry Marine.
Riverine assault craft Marine.
Light-armor vehicle Marine.
Reconnaissance Marine (to include three other recon-related jobs that include the word “man”).
Infantry assault Marine.
Basic field artillery Marine.
Field artillery fire control Marine.
Field artillery sensor support Marine.
Fire support Marine.
Basic engineer, construction and equipment Marine.
Basic tank and assault amphibious vehicle Marine.
Armor Marine.
Amphibious assault vehicle Marine.
Amphibious combat vehicle Marine.

Gender neutral?


Neutered and ready for the Russian Marines to stomp the living dog crap out of our politically correct forces who have to ask permission to fire their weapons, pee in the gender appropriate area, or watch what they say in combat so as not to offend the “it” in the foxhole beside them?

No way. The Russians have got to be thinking about invading us now while we have an Islamofacist Pussy-In-Chief running this totally messed up wimpified sissy run nation.

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