ISIS is as Dumb as Saddam: Attack Helicopters meet Open Targets in Desert

by John Galt
July 2, 2016 08:00 ET

Everyone, meet my new favorite raghead. His official Shenandoah nickname is:

الجمل روث

That’s Arabic for “Camel Dung.”

This moron, wearing what appears to be a second hand WalMart golf shirt is walking in the middle of the Iraqi desert with no canteen, no supplies, no spare ammunition, and holding a piece of scrub brush above his head to camouflage his brave warrior self from Iraqi Mi-28 and Mi-35 attack helicopters who are mopping up after yesterday’s devastating attacks.


The series of airstrikes carried out by the Iraqi Air Force have been enjoyable to watch if one enjoys watching ISIS animals slaughtered like the pigs they are. Most Americans are not aware of these attacks because the Iraqis selected Russian equipment over American supplied gear because believe it or not, we did not have enough trainers nor gave the Iraqis a discount for the equipment they needed even thought it was Obama that f’d their nation up beyond belief with his short-sighted policies.

So enjoy some video. Grab a beer or three. And watch the so-called almighty ISIS get bitch-slapped into dust by the firepower which is needed to eradicate their sorry camel humping asses. Thank you Baghdad for providing all of this video on the internet for us to see, since the U.S. MSM refuses to cover the story.

Air strikes on ISIS targets post-Fallujah were effective:

Here’s the suicide convoy getting zapped west of Fallujah:

Some post-strike video:

I’m sure the Saudi ambassador called Obama to complain about the Iraqi Air Force suddenly learning how to use its assets properly.

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