Suicide Bomber Killed in Failed Attack on US Consulate in Saudi Arabia

by John Galt
July 3, 2016 21:30 ET


And with the close of Ramadan on Monday night, the terrorists continue their attempts to attack Americans anywhere, anytime.

From the BBC:

Attack near US consulate in Saudi city of Jeddah

Two policeman were reportedly injured in the incident and the attacker is said to be dead.

The attack came in the early hours of US Independence Day.

The Jeddah consulate was the scene of a militant attack in 2004, which left nine people dead.

Stay tuned for more as the night is young and the Islamists will probably attempt more attacks worldwide on our July 4th holiday.

UPDATE 22:15 ET –

Here is a photo from the Saudi newspaper Arab News of the dead attacker on the ground by his car:


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