Iraqi Military Base Near Baghdad hit by 50 Rockets Tonight from Anti-Iranian Forces

by John Galt
July 4, 2016 18:50 ET


The video of the attack indicates the severity of by pro-Iranian forces against the PMOI forces residing in the former U.S. military base:

From the UK Daily Mail:

“A number of rockets fell on Camp Liberty,” Baghdad Operations Command spokesman Saad Maan said in a statement, referring to the camp where the PMOI members are housed.

Maan said that some 20 rockets were launched from a truck in an area west of Baghdad toward the camp, some of which fell short, wounding Iraqi civilians.

“A number of Camp Liberty residents were injured, but fortunately no one was martyred in the rocket attack,” the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the PMOI’s parent organisation, said in an online statement.

The statement blamed Iran-affiliated militias for carrying out the attack.

Powerful Shiite militia forces that are hostile to the PMOI are present in areas west of Baghdad, while the Islamic State jihadist group lacks the interest to attack the group.

Camp Liberty, a former US military base, has since 2012 housed members of the PMOI, a group that originally opposed the shah but later fought alongside Saddam Hussein’s forces against Iran’s clerical rulers after the 1979 Islamic revolution.

If this is confirmed, it means that the United States has a much larger problem in the region; Iran is prepared and will move against the Baghdad government and remove all Sunni Muslims from any position of authority in Iraq sooner rather than later, which invites Saudi Arabia and the GCC nations to enter into the conflict.

That might just be the unfortunate response which drags U.S. forces into a civil war for which we have no duty or part of becoming a deciding force which actually drags America into a war against Iran.

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