November 10, 2016 World War 3: “Remember the Maine”

by John Galt
July 8, 2016 05:00 ET

The following is a fictional blovel written in the same style as my last one, “The Day the Dollar Died.” Why this subject matter my readers might ask, and not a follow up to the economic survivalist fiction as before? Currently there is huge speculation that President Obama is doing everything in his power to tweak and provoke the Russian and Chinese dictatorships into taking offensive actions to justify a short conflict by the American regime for either profit or to stay in power. Internet speculation is rampant, conspiracy laden, and of course usually wrong. The truth though could be an uncomfortable reality for those who start such a war since we have now gone almost two full generations since a worldwide conflict of this magnitude.

The reason for a short conflict is obvious even to the casual observer as the United States nor NATO have the economic, industrial, or military capacity for a conflict which lasts more than 21 days, if that. Should the West decide to initiate such a conflict, despite some technological advantages, the outcome may turn out far worse for everyone concerned even if nuclear weapons are not used or introduced in a limited manner. The outcomes and daily conflict reports which I theorize about are not a reflection of the quality of the men or women of the U.S. military but drawn from publicly available reports about military war game scenarios and expert analysis which reflect poorly upon the leadership in Washington, D.C.

Let us pray this never happens in our lifetime.




Day 1: “Remember the Maine”


IN January of 1898, the United States battleship the Maine was allegedly sunk by a mine in Havana harbor, triggering the Spanish-American War.

The propaganda from the April 24, 2014 incident when a SU-24 buzzed the ship in the Black Sea was still fresh with the crew who were there and manning the electronic heart of the ship. Captain Frank Zimmer the recently appointed commander of the Cook, would have none of it:

“Ladies and Gentleman,” the multimedia system blared out, the U.S.S. Donald Cook is now forty kilometers west southwest of the Ukrainian city of Sevastopol. While the Russian Republic may have illegally violated international law and occupied the Crimean peninsula, the United States nor NATO recognizes the occupation by Russian military forces. Hence we will proceed within twenty kilometers to demonstrate the resolve of the free world and that international law shall be recognized by all navies, all maritime operators, regardless of the flag which they fly. At thirty kilometers we will go to battle stations but full safety procedures shall remain in place until notified otherwise. Thank you and stay sharp.”

The Captain was fully aware of the nervousness of his crew. The rumors of what happened in 2014 were still the scuttlebutt of the Navy, despite the fact that it was proven to be false, over and over, and over again. Despite the end of the U.S. Presidential election two days ago, yesterday was a bad day as a Russian aircraft buzzed a ship in the Baltic and another came within 20 meters of a helicopter just north of Crete in the Mediterranean. To say the situation was tense was an understatement.

The board in the Aegis fire control center was lighting up with potential enemy aircraft and the Captain immediately ordered the ship to battle stations, this is no drill. The various departments were reporting in their status when suddenly a large explosion happened just forward of amidships, causing a huge shudder throughout the ship and the Captain to scream into the P.A. system, “all stop, all stop, all departments report.”

Those were the last words recorded by Captain Zimmer that day as the radio operator was barely able to notify NATO and Washington that an explosion had occurred on board the ship and the Captain was attempting to ascertain the severity of the damage. Then without warning the vessel exploded in a massive fireball, cracking the ship in half and sinking it almost immediately with a massive loss of life.

The Russian Navy and Coast Guard immediately dispatched vessels and aircraft to rescue any members of the crew that survived the explosion but this report failed to reach beyond the Ukrainian and Turkish naval communications stations in the Black Sea. As the search and rescue operations commenced, President Vladimir Putin contacted President Obama to advise him of the status of the rescue operations and offer his condolences.

By that time, it was too late, and other incidents set an irreversible course of disaster on its way.

The Obama Deception

President Obama listened intently to the words of Putin’s translator, hoping to detect and inflection in his voice to indicate his true intent. As the staff looked on concerned, knowing he was a lame duck and not particularly interested in a major crisis before he left office due to the political “visuals” of the moment, Obama attempted to assuage Putin that no retaliatory operations were forthcoming and then in a peculiar fashion, said that he would go on national television to allay the fears of the American public. President Putin thanked Obama and said that as survivors were found, as well as any wreckage from the vessel, he would have his defense staff contact the Pentagon in a constant fashion to ensure that the situation was resolved to the satisfaction of the U.S. military.

As the call concluded, Obama looked at his Chief of Staff and Defense Secretary for their input. “We don’t trust him,” Ash Carter replied, “as the initial reports from the Pentagon indicate to us this was either a mine or torpedo attack.” His Chief of Staff looked gravely concerned. “Mr. President,” he began, “we do not have a dog in this hunt. Let’s bring President-Elect Clinton into these meetings and get her input as to how we should de-escalate the situation.” President Obama agreed and called an emergency meeting of the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) and Hillary Clinton for that evening.

Hillary Clinton arrived at the White House through the secret entrance to keep the media from detecting the severity of the crisis. The White House Press Corps was rabidly pursuing numerous rumors that the Russians had a secret stealth missile to crazy stories about a Donbass suicide boat bomb designed to draw the U.S. into a war with Russia over the Ukraine.  The standard story line was not working that this appeared to be a shipboard accident that caused the tragic explosion but it was still under investigation. With Hillary Clinton’s arrival, the situation changed dramatically if not instantly from rumors of accidents to rumors of war.

“Barack, it is such a pleasure to see you again. Thank you for inviting me here but we’re still celebrating. Please tell me this isn’t about the Donald Cook,” she said wryly. President Obama looked over at Secretary Carter who quipped, “we’ve kept her in the loop sir.” Nodding with approval, Obama spoke in a soft tone, “Hillary, or should I say Ms. President-Elect,” he grinned, “this situation might be an accident, but we can not be sure. The number of fly by and close call incidents have increased in the weeks leading up to the election and this might be a final provocation to push us into a conflict before you take office. Our naval commanders insist this could not be an accident, but our intelligence agencies have repeatedly said that no apparent offensive actions have been taken by the Russians in the region where our ship sunk.”

He continued, “we have options, but I think it is only fair to consult with you before initiating them, as this will impact your administration also.” Hillary had that stern, hard look she always portrayed and replied, “Do what you need to do Mr. President, we’ll clean it up or finish the job if you ask us to do so. I’m tired of playing games with these Russian clowns and their constant harassment and hacking of my life.”

Obama nodded, invited her to sit through the Defense Department briefing with the JCS and as she left afterwards said to her, “Thank you for your trust in me. You will not regret it Madame President Elect.”

The minute Hillary Clinton’s security detail left the White House grounds, President Obama ordered the United States to defense condition three (DEFCON 3). Then he said words which will haunt Defense Secretary Ash Carter until the day he died, “Ash, give me the plans for establishing a no-fly zone over the Baltics and Baltic Sea. We need to respond immediately or we will appear weak to the world and incapable of fulfilling our NATO treaty obligations. Begin a reserve call up also, no exceptions, as we are going to need more troops in Europe within seventy-two hours.” Carter nodded and rushed off with the JCS to begin to follow Obama’s orders.

After issuing the order, President Obama looked over at Valerie Jarrett and asked a strange question. “Valerie,” he began slowly, “fill me in on the history of the U.S.S. Maine in 1898. It would appear that another failing empire wishes to challenge an American President and I want to have an answer for the American public by tomorrow for what is happening.”

The minute the U.S. military went to DEFCON 3 however, the world as we knew it ceased to exist as a major step towards war began.

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