British Government Blocked U.S. from Pressing Money Laundering Charges against HSBC

by John Galt
July 11, 2016 17:55 ET


Just when one thinks crime does pay after the Hillary Clinton fiasco and blatant corruption illustrated within our F.B.I. and Department of Justice, along comes this blockbuster story from the United Kingdom via the UK Guardian tonight:

HSBC escaped US money-laundering charges after UK intervention

How bad was the corruption to prevent actual prosecution? Check out this excerpt from the article which would make US banksters blush:

The US government decided not to pursue criminal charges against HSBC for allowing terrorists and drug dealers to launder millions of dollars after George Osborne and the UK banking regulator intervened to warn that prosecuting Britain’s biggest bank could lead to a “global financial disaster”.

On Monday, a congressional report published letters and emails from Osborne and Financial Services Authority (FSA) officials to their US counterparts warning that launching criminal action against HSBC in 2012 could have sparked a “financial calamity”.

So what letter is being referenced in this report? Check out the blatant interference by the British government and not so thinly veiled threat within the letter (highlighted by the red box I’ve inserted):

071116_GEOSBORNELETTERp1jgfla 071116_GEOSBORNELETTERp2jgfla 071116_GEOSBORNELETTERp3jgflaIn other words, if the American government insists on prosecuting HSBC for laundering money for terrorist support networks and drug dealers, the British government will let the bank fail and collapse the Western banking system. Nicely done back in 2012 as Ben Bernanke believes every threat presented by any banksters which walked into his office and said “boo!”

Here is the complete 288 page report from the U.S. Congress so aptly named “Too Big to Jail”:



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