07.15 LIVE UPDATES: Turkish Military Seizes Power in Coup d’Etat (VIDEOs)

by John Galt
July 15, 2016 16:30 ET

In a shocking development it would appear that the Turkish military is overthrowing the government of President Erdogan as we speak. At approximately 15:40 ET the Turkish military announced it had seized bridges near the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul, and Ankara plus sealed off all of the airports as this photo from NTV Turkey television illustrates with this photo below:


Below is the live broadcast from NTV still on the air as the military has apparently secured all key communications centers with this initial action and has initiated total air control with some elements of the Turkish Air Force over the nation.

Here is the latest from Reuters:

Both of Istanbul’s Bosphorus bridges closed: TVs

Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge were both closed on Friday, local television channels reported, without giving a reason.

Dogan News Agency footage showed cars and buses being diverted. CNN Turkey showed two military vehicles and a group of soldiers lined up at the entrance of one of the bridges in Turkey’s biggest city.

A Turkish official who did not want to be named said soldiers had been deployed in other cities in Turkey, but did not specify which ones.

Dogan News Agency reported the national police directorate summoned all police to duty in Ankara.


The photo above was just published in the Turkish Newspaper Today’s Zaman and shows soldiers at the entrance to one side of the Bosphorus Bridge.
Meanwhile, news reports via SkyNews and Reuters state that Edrogan and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim are secure and that this attempted coup will be crushed by the legally elected government of Turkey. Intelligence service paramilitary units are being called up into action to repel the military action at this time.


16: 50 ET – AFP

Turkish soldiers have seized control of the Turkish state broadcasting service.

FYI, the next scheduled shortwave broadcast in English is on 9830 Khz at 22:00 UTC/ 18:00 ET.

Here is the SkyNews live link via YouTube to watch the breaking story with much better coverage than the U.S. networks:


Video of Turkish Air Force F-16’s flying over Ankara, Turkey tonight:

More Video of armored cars in Ankara moving into position through main streets:



All U.S. forces based in Turkey ordered back to bases. All forces placed at highest alert level.


17: 20 ET – Video of Turkish Military Helicopters (probably AH-64 Apaches) on the Turkish Intelligence Headquarters!


17:30 ET – via NTV feed:

President Erdogan being interviewed live via cell phone video now. See the live feed above!


More via the Bloomberg Live Blog covering the story:

5:33:57 PM

Sangwon Yoon Political Risk Reporter
Erdogan speaking on CNNTurk via Facetime, in front of white curtained wall in background:

I don’t believe coup backers will succeed
We “will not let them take over. They will pay for this”

(Actually it was not CNN, it was NTV, the private broadcaster)

17:39 ET –

Turkish soldiers order SkyNews reporter to shut down broadcasting from Takrim Square in Istanbul and leave the area.

More from Bloomberg:

The president was asked during the FaceTime interview whether he knew the military chief of staff was seized by the coup participants and he said he’s heard of the reports as well but couldn’t confirm.
Bulgaria Strengthens Control at Turkey Border
Bulgarian Govt Comments on Turkey Border in E-Mail


17:48 ET – Multiple sources –

All flights except Turkish Airlines are now being diverted to other airports in the region. The Turkish military has seized control of air traffic towers and control in Istanbul and Ankara.


17:53 AP –

Large explosion which was heard earlier this evening that indeed it was at the TRT (Turkish State TV) broadcasting facility.


Translation of Erdogan’s statements on NTV and CNNTurk (it was indeed broadcast on both networks) via Today’s Zaman(translation via Google):

President Erdogan reacted harshly!

July 15, 2016, Friday

President Erdogan reacted to the military uprising was invited to live challenge.

President Erdogan: “the national will against the uprising course of law against the motion, our laws, constitution, I want an answer once it requires what this building, whether in the Armed Forces, whether a minority, even if you get in our other institutions are required response will be.”

President Erdogan, CNN react to the attempt of the Turkish military was invited to attended a live broadcast occurred.

“If they do what they do to our nation”

President Erdogan, “This minority group with tanks, they do what they are to do with the ball, they will come to our nation.” said.

“Minorities attempt to”

President Erdogan, “Today this development really Armed what a minority within our Force unfortunately not attempt the action. Of this known structure, it encourages parallel restructuring, a move that top minds in their use. Our country, unity, togetherness, I believe against this motion for the integrity of As a nation, we gave them a good answer will receive the necessary punishment. ” He said.

“I invite Square and airports”

President Erdogan, “In the meantime, my people’m making a call, the room is that I invite you to challenge our province our nation, I invite airports and nation, squares, toplanalým and are of the minority group at the airport, the tank with, they do there is public if they are what they come with balls made. Above the People’s Power a strength I did not know until today. ” He said.

“The cost of coming on too heavy to pay for my nation”

President Erdogan, “At the moment that has demonstrated the possibilities of this nation tank, cannon, aircraft, using a helicopter are they will pay a heavy price to come upon the nation. Prime Minister should need the President about this, steps to be taken, we are in our government we will take this step by stop whatever other . ”


18:00 ET –

Voice of Turkey is LIVE in English on 9830 Khz. Fair signal here in Florida. No mention of the coup or military action, they are playing it straight as if nothing has happened.


18:10 ET –

From Twitter:

Zia Weise ‏@ZiaWeise 3m3 minutes ago
Soldiers are surrounding Ataturk statue on Taksim, crowd around them waving flag, chanting “Tayyip resign”

FYI, video from NTV above shows citizens celebrating and hugging soldiers. Things are deteriorating in other parts of Ankara and Istanbul with firefights being reported.


18:25 ET –

From UK Daily Mirror blog:

‘Four’ explosions heard in Ankara

Fourth bomb just exploded in #Ankara. #Turkey #TurkeyCoup

— Diego Cupolo (@DiegoCupolo) July 15, 2016

Reports suggest that several explosions have rocked the city of Ankara. Earlier images surfaced of a huge plume of black smoke rising above the skyline and several witnesses on Twitter report hearing explosions.

Groups of protestors against the military are gathering and increasing in size, it is believed.

SkyNews just reported that the state police have offered resistance at the Istanbul Airport and a firefight may be underway.



18:30 ET –

Screen shot from NTV of citizens in Istanbul protesting the military takeover minutes ago:


FYI, shortwave Voice of Turkey still maintaining normal broadcasting with Turkish music as of 18:30 ET.

More from Bloomberg:

6:30:42 PM
Yalman Onaran Financial Senior Writer

The same army commander I mentioned earlier, head of the so-called 1st army which is headquartered in Istanbul, was cited by Istanbul governor during his phone connection earlier. Turkish military has a dozen or so units spread throughout the country and each has a commander in charge.

6:27:52 PM
Clementine Fletcher Social Media Monitor

2 Back to Back Bombings Rock Turkish Capital Near Police HQ


18:40 ET – Multiple Sources –

Iran closes border with Turkey, sends reinforcements to Turkish border.


18:47 ET –

Voice of Turkey on shortwave, 9830 Khz, a male announcer read the schedule in English then Turkish music started to play when suddenly, 14 minutes before scheduled end of broadcast they went off the air.


More from Bloomberg Live Blog:

6:52:22 PM
Elena Popina Emerging Markets Reporter

Prime minister Binali Yildirim: Some leaders of coup attempt have been arrested.


18:55 ET – AP –

Confirmation per AP sources: Soldiers who are part of the coup have opened fire on civilians near Bosphorus bridges.


19:00 ET – via YouTube

Awesome video of Turkish taxi versus Turk M1 Abrams tank.


19:04 ET – Per NTV

17 Policemen killed in conflict already.



19:20 ET – More insane Video as a Turkish Military helicopter either opens fire on or near civilians in Ankara:



Turkey military coup: tanks open fire near parliament building


19:40 ET – NTV

Video now being broadcast of young Turkish soldiers surrendering to local gendarmes. This is not going to be a dull evening.


19:48 ET – Rami via Twitter:



19:51 ET – Via CNN:

Director of National Intelligence Unit tells CNNTurkey that the coup has been crushed and order to be restored soon.


19:58 ET – Via YouTube:

People take cover from gunfire near Istanbul bridge Bosphorus in Turkey


20:35 ET –

Despite the reports that the coup has been crushed, it would appear the fighting in Ankara is ongoing with heavy bombing continuing of the Parliament building.



20:50 ET FoxNewsHD-Europe:

Video of Jets bombing Parliament building in Ankara!


21:20 ET – AP:

3:35 a.m.

Cyprus’ deputy government spokesman says the ethnically divided island’s conscript army is stepping up its readiness in light of the turmoil in neighboring Turkey.

Viktoras Papadopoulos told The Associated Press Saturday that the Greek Cypriot National Guard is “taking all appropriate measures” in the wake of the military uprising against Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In a separate statement, Papadopoulos said top government officials had convened a meeting at National Guard headquarters on the orders of Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades who’s on an official visit to Mongolia.

The statement said Cyprus’ Parliamentary Speaker and acting President Demetris Syllouris and Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides are monitoring developments in Turkey and are in contact with European and other governments.

Turkey maintains more than 35,000 troops in the breakaway Turkish Cypriot north of Cyprus since the island was split in 1974 when Turkey invaded after a coup aiming at union with Greece.


22:30 ET – Graphic Video of the fighting from LiveLeak:

From the Defense Ministry HQ in Ankara, Civilian casualties:

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