The Failed Coup in Turkey Shows Why Shortwave Radio is Still Relevant

by John Galt
July 17, 2016 21:00 ET


There have been many a eulogy presented for the hobby of shortwave radio listening and broadcasters over the past five years so highlighting the statements of the obvious does nothing but fulfill the age old argument that the internet has replaced radio and soon we won’t have any need for AM, FM, or Shortwave because of modern technology.

That statement is true, if you wish to live in a world like current day Iran or China is filtered by the government and the average citizen could have access to outside information removed in the event of natural disaster with a power and/or network outage, war which means the government cuts off the access, or just as bad, a system failure where your PC, laptop, or smart phone crashes and burns. Personally, I view the computerized access to the internet as a back up to my shortwave radio and the attempted coup in Turkey demonstrates why.

I did not find out about the attempted coup until about thirty plus minutes after it started due to some business concerns I had to address. Once I was aware of it however, I set up my shortwave radio and immediately prepared to tune into the next broadcast audible in North America on 9830 Khz at 6 pm ET (2200 UTC). Sure enough there was the Voice of Turkey, but no discussion or news about the ongoing coup at that time, much to my surprise.

As the program wore on, I decided to use my own website as a reference (see the Shortwave Radio link at the top of the page) and tune into the military frequencies and sure as heck, they were lighting up fast with a ton of traffic. That told me that NATO and the United States military was caught completely flatfooted by this event and they were reacting in a somewhat frantic manner, especially since we have nuclear weapons based in Turkey.

The lesson? If the world does suddenly find itself on the brink of war, disaster, or revolution the only method of reliable communication will end up being the good old reliable shortwave radio once again. Since the coup leaders in Turkey failed to seize the shortwave radio outlets or private television and radio broadcasters it was obvious that this plan was not well thought out or executed.

So take a load off  your mind and crank up the old shortwave radio. See what you can hear. And if you would still like to listen to the Voice of Turkey under Erdogan’s control, here is their current schedule in English courtesy of Prime Time Shortwave:

Turkey          V. of Turkey      0300-0355 eNA,wEu    9515
Turkey          V. of Turkey      0300-0355 ME         6165
Turkey          V. of Turkey      1230-1325 wEu        15450
Turkey          V. of Turkey      1630-1725 As         15520
Turkey          V. of Turkey      1830-1925 Eu         9785
Turkey          V. of Turkey      2030-2125 As, Oc     7205
Turkey          V. of Turkey      2200-2255 eNA,wEu    9830

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