Poll of Active Duty Military shows Libertarian Johnson Beating Hillary and Trump

by John Galt
July 21, 2016 07:40 ET


If things are not bad enough for the poorly organized Trump campaign and criminally corrupt Clinton crime family, The Hill breaks out this shocking story about a poll of active duty U.S. military:

Poll: Libertarian Johnson beating Trump, Clinton among active troops


Military troops favor Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for president over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, according to a new survey.

Johnson garnered 38.7 percent of the active duty vote, versus 30.9 for Trump, and 14.1 for Clinton, according to the survey, which was conducted via the popular military personality Doctrine Man.

Although the survey was not a scientific poll with a margin of error, it provides a snapshot of the preferences of about 3,500 active duty, reservists, retired and former members of the military and their family members, 95.7 percent of which were registered voters.

Among all services except for the Navy, Johnson performed better than Trump and Clinton.

Current, reserve and former members of the Army preferred Johnson at 35.4 percent. Trump, the Republican nominee, came in second at 31.4 percent, and Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee, at 15.3 percent.

Among the Marine community, an overwhelming 44.1 percent chose Johnson, while 27.1 percent chose Trump, and 12.7 percent chose Clinton.

The majority of the Air Force respondents chose Johnson at 39 percent, but Trump next at 29.9 percent and Clinton at 12.9 percent.

Trump ranked the top choice for the Navy community, at 32.4 percent, versus 31.7 percent for Johnson and 22.9 percent for Clinton.

Despite Clinton’s underwhelming performance among active duty troops in the poll, their family members preferred Clinton at 29.4 percent to 27.5 percent for Trump. Johnson came in third, at 24.5 percent.

Trump came out on top among members of the military who retired after serving at least 20 years.

Retirees preferred Trump at 37.4 percent, compared to 32.2 percent for Johnson and only 11 percent for Hillary Clinton.

However, when former members of the military who served fewer than 20 years were included, Johnson came in first, at 36.1 percent, while Hillary Clinton garnered 12.6 percent.

The new survey underscores the unpopularity of both Trump and Clinton, something that was also reflected in a recent Military Times survey.

Whoops. Trump says the military loves him, so there is something wrong with that narrative. Hillary claims she’s got the experience to keep America safe, so that narrative is now out the window also. Apparently our soldiers, sailors, and airmen have had enough war for the past fifteen years and they are ready to go home and defend America and not the banksters’ interests. If this is any indicator of how November might go, the House of Representatives might indeed elect the next President which will be one of the most fascinating events in U.S. history.

It is also nice to see that that our troops respect a candidate who will govern using the Constitution instead of making it up as they see fit like Hillary and Trump would do.

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