Rush Limbaugh Joins Alex Jones in the Radio Lunacy Hall of Fame

by John Galt
July 24, 2016 11:30 ET

The insanity of the imploding Republican Party and Fox News Channel continues to spin out into the media world as the number one host on talk radio, Rush Limbaugh has decided to put paydays ahead of principles as he slips into woo-woo world to join Alex Jones in the future Trump wing of the Radio Lunacy Hall of Fame. In a rambling statement akin to the insane and inane commentaries by fringe broadcaster Alex Jones, Rush decided to launch an attack on someone he once called “the most principled conservative in American politics” after Donald Trump went Trumptard on Friday:

So what did Rush Limbaugh do on Friday? He went full Alex Jonestard on Senator Ted Cruz, as if he was ordered to join the rabid attack dogs on command as Mitch McConnell blew the media dog whistle for all conservative talk radio hosts to attack (via the Washington Examiner):

“You know what just happened here? This is alpha male versus I don’t know what,” Limbaugh said on his radio program. “The only reason Trump went here” again, Limbaugh said, was “because Cruz went to the Texas delegation and let it be known that his pique … is over the way Trump talked about his wife and his father.

“So what did Trump do? [He] triples down, finds out where you’re vulnerable and comes right back at you with a sharp knife. This is [an] alpha male,” Limbaugh added.

This attack on Cruz by El Rushbo demonstrates that the firing of Roger Ailes and coming implosion at Fox News along with his friend Donald Trump running for President means that principles are out the window; as is one of Rush Limbaugh’s oldest rules since he became relevant and that was Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment:

Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.

Apparently El Rushbo had decide to go 100% Trumptard and should soon be covering Cruz’s ties to the Canadian Birth Certificate mob, 9/11 Truthers, and UFO’s landing at Doral and aliens exclusively telling he and Trump the future. As Fox News implodes with Ailes departure, so shall Clear Channel‘s syndicated lineup of conservative talk radio hosts tied to the Trump movement and the ratings with it, which means to save the day Rush will eventually end up going full bore Father Coughlin on us long before the election.

Enjoy your ride on the whacko train with Alex Jones, Mr. Limbaugh, I’ll be getting off now and listening to other quality programming now as a result.

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  1. We all know how much you love Cruz, but he lost and is an obvious sore loser, and so are you. And don’t worry about Fox News, they are #1, and for good reason, Fox is the only major network that isn’t peddling an obvious left wing agenda, and is a simple formula for success.

    • Actually Ted disappointed me with his failure to adapt his campaign and attack The Donald on his obvious weaknesses and instead tried to act like this was politics as usual. I think he learned his lesson and put a cherry on top of it last Wednesday. Fox News is in a world of trouble and you will see very soon that money, not politics supersedes their previous ideological bias. But that’s another article at another time after the election because without Ailes, there is no insider ally for Trump at FNC; Rupert Murdoch hates him on a personal level and he’s in charge now.


      • Rupert will be taking a back seat and along for the ride behind his superstars. Things are very unpredictable these days, and Trump’s arrogance cannot be taken lightly.

        • Don’t count on that. In the 1990’s Rupert ORDERED the NY Post to write a major hit piece on Trump’s affairs and personal life. They have traded nasty comments about each other over 20 years in the NY press. It’s a true hatefest.

          • Enemies can make the best of friends in many cases, so you cannot be so sure, as things always have a funny way of working out!

  2. sawbuck57 | 24/07/2016 at 15:01 |

    Cruz did what Nelson Rockefeller did in 64. Nelson never came close to being elected President. Sadly, neither will Cruz.

    If Trump can control himself this election is his in a walk.

    • That’s the key; IF he can control himself. So far he has the discipline of a West Virginia lottery winner in a whore house with unlimited viagra.

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