Watching the DNC will give you PED but this is the Last Night Thankfully (Video)

by John Galt
July 28, 2016 20:20 ET

Sorry I missed everyone last night but had a slight lightning issue to deal with. Anybody need a 48″ HDTV as a book end or paperweight? Oh, and do fried laptops make good Frisbees?

Thankfully Hillary’s coronation is almost over, Obama got the mandatory sloppy hug with the lesbo grandma out of the way, and Bill Clinton can go back to hitting on 20 something big boobed interns using that famous quote of his, “don’t worry about the warts down there.”

Here is your live feed of the DNC Salute to Banana Republics in America, aka, the last night of their convention:

And as an added bonus, here is the first stream of the protesters who are nothing short of pathetic and weak. Sheesh, I was hoping for tear gas and water cannons. Man do I miss the 60’s and 70’s.

Meanwhile, back to watching what is important in Japan as the BoJ may screw the world, again, any moment now.

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