Wikileaks, Hillary, and Russia: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

by John Galt
July 29, 2016 05:00 ET

The mega-circus known as the Democrat National Convention is concluding in Philadelphia, but the concern of all of its major leadership will not be seen unless this next release indicates what most of America already knows:

The Clinton family is the most corrupt, un-indicted crime family in America next to White Bulger until the FBI finally went after his gang.

Hillary Clinton’s problem however is not as easy as a bimbo eruption or weak participant in one of their exercises of illegality which may spill the beans and thus must be taken care of; this problem relates to numerous fronts while she was Secretary of State and her friends she put into positions of power that guaranteed revenge will be taken not just against Hillary, but Obama as his term winds down.

An old saying relating to Russia, which I am paraphrasing in English, goes something like this:

“Don’t piss on the bear, unless you kill the bear.”

Hillary and Obama did not kill the bear and now the consequences of their ineptness and arrogance is about to come home to roost in spades.

Glenn Beck did a fine job outlining the personalities and individuals behind President Vladimir Putin within the FSB and oligarchy on his radio show yesterday. These are the same individuals who were probably behind ordering the Russian military and FSB to hack the DNC, Hillary, and in all probability State Department servers. Despite all the theories presented however, he could not tie a direct cause into why some of Donald Trump’s new and trusted advisers were tied to them and the timing of the releases beyond humiliation of the Clinton-Obama tryst which has run roughshod over world affairs for the past 7 1/2 years.

It is the purpose of this article to provide, cause, consequence and what shall probably be happening next if Russia stays true to character and elects to decimate both the United States and Europe before the U.S. Presidential election in November. To understand the reasons for this counterattack at this moment in history, one has to analyze the Clinton-Obama web of progressive and profit driven foreign affairs decisions and why Russia, along with quite a few other nations, feel the need to weaken and cripple American foreign policy for the foreseeable future.

The U.S. State Department Hedge Fund

The Hillary Clinton State Department was nothing more than a for profit operation, and the idealists brought in to the Obama regime’s circle of influence were either idealists who ran interference for these fund raising operations or militant progressives whose tactics would be of practical use for the Obama/Clinton State Department Hedge Fund. The first two individuals of interest have a history of interventionism not for American foreign policy benefit, but to push forward a globalist agenda of a world without borders and an international central government.

Hillary Clinton’s long term ties to Susan Rice made her the ideal choice in 2009 to become Ambassador to the United Nations and later, National Security Adviser. Her willingness to promote interventionist ideals and policies which benefit the benefactors to the Clinton’s in the 1990’s made her a logical choice for the Obama administration in 2009. Her role in actions during the 1990’s including destroying the sovereignty of several African nations in the name of “humanitarian” needs was someone false when her blind eye to the Rwandan genocide was exposed as she served on Bill Clinton’s National Security Council. Reportedly she even stated, “If we use the word ‘genocide’ and are seen as doing nothing, what will be the effect on the November election?” Of course further injection of U.S. influence and foreign policy in Africa had a strange pattern of benefiting donors to the Clintons in resource rich nations like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, among others. This does not include her strange input and alleged influence in denying a request by the Sudanese government to extradite Osama Bin Laden to the United States in 1995.

Under the Obama regime, she promoted her interventionist policies once again, this time with the guidance of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and ran cover for the Obama regime at the United Nations until 2013 when she became the National Security Adviser and thus all of her actions from that point forward and previous were protected conveniently by Executive Privilege. Her input thus has been classified as to what actions she took to cover up the Benghazi incident or input regarding the direct intervention of parties related to Clinton and Obama in the Euromaidan uprising in the Ukraine.

The other individual hired by the Obama regime was one very globalist, pro-Islamist, pro-Palestinian Samantha Powers. During her period on the National Security Council she also helped in an advisory role on the “Responsibility to Protect”, where a lot of the ideals behind the disastrous Libyan policies were developed and implemented but not for the humanitarian reasons projected by Ms. Rice and Ms. Powers. Glenn Beck did an excellent background piece on Ms. Powers which highlighted some rather disquieting ties which will bring this story full circle back to the Ukraine and Russia shortly.

With the background on those two individuals, it is time to introduce the criminal appointment and actor of the decade, at least from a political-economics point of view in this charade which triggered the ultimate beginning of the Russian response to Hillary Clinton and Obama’s corruption and attacks on Moscow.

Kiev, Oil, Gas, and Pipelines

Fast forward past all the global interventions: The Arab Spring and collapse of neutral and friendly governments which while they may have been dictatorships, they kept a lid on Islamist radicalism and terrorism within their nations; the purge of Eastern European governments with old school ties to the long defunct Soviet bloc; and the collapse of the economies in Eastern Europe and the Balkan States, the PIIGS, and MENA region.

The most damning appointment and intervention occurred in 2013 when the United States under the tutelage of the interventionists within the Obama administration and one George Soros was none other than Victoria Nuland. First she was strangely appointed as the State Department spokeswoman, even though she was imminently unqualified for the position. Much more disturbingly however was her next appointment as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. Nuland’s knowledge of the Russian situation and the Ukraine was extensive, albeit from an anti-Putin agenda infused by her mysterious relationships with Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and other yet unidentified oligarchs within the current Ukrainian regime.

The Libyan intervention and George Soros relationship was best expressed with a chart of West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil (WTIC):


If anyone does not think Mr. Soros did not make a handsome profit on his Petrobras and commodity investments when Libya collapsed, then you are a fool. In the interim before the start of the Ukrainian insurrection, Mr. Soros penned a fascinating hint as to his next course of action in a November 26, 2013 editorial in the UK Guardian:

Europe needs a Roma working class


There are more than 10 million Roma living in Europe, mostly concentrated in the Balkans and in the European Union’s newest member states, especially Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Hungary. What is truly shocking is that their living conditions have actually deteriorated since many of them became EU citizens. At the same time, the majority population’s attitude has become more hostile almost everywhere in Europe.

The two trends are mutually reinforcing: marginalisation breeds contempt, and vice versa. The only escape from this trap is investment in education, which would pay enormous social dividends.

Consider, for example, that Roma represent more than 20% of new entrants into the labour force in the countries above.

What does this have to do with Russia, Victoria Nuland, the Ukraine, and billions of Euros in profit?


If Mr. Soros could use his influence within the Obama administration and post-Hillary State Department to seize control of the Ukraine, a scare could be sent throughout Europe forcing a diversion and removal of dependence on Russian supplied natural gas and petroleum products. That diversion was scheduled to occur with the Saudi-Qatari pipeline through Romania and the Balkans and would have created a huge boom in Eastern Europe.

Thus as the Euromaidan revolution began, the question has to be asked, was it genuine or financed by outside forces wishing to weaken and possibly bankrupt Russia and monopolize the territory and resources within the Ukraine; a hint, it was not genuine.


The Obama administration, Hillary Clinton leftovers, and George Soros actually believed the intelligence reports that Vladimir Putin’s Russia was a corrupt, crippled, and inept nation incapable of any military response. Unbeknownst to the Obama regime since he never attended national security briefings, Russia had initiated a rebuilding program for its intelligence services and military in 2011; the first fruits of this were apparent in the middle of 2013 with the emergence of refined training, weapons systems, and a purge not just of corrupt officers, but bureaucrats who were for rent by foreign powers. Even Soros missed this shift thinking that Obama’s backing would overcome any opposition thrown at him in Russia, Ukraine, or Eastern Europe.

He was mistaken and pays for it to this day.

The culmination of this miscalculation was in early 2015 when thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and mercenaries were slaughtered by Russian and pro-Russian militia using a variety of new weapons that the West only thought were on the drawing board, shocking NATO and Western Europe into a new reality that they were unprepared to accept at that moment. For the economic structure of the West, the theory that the Russians could be bankrupted was the last course of action they could take, yet the voracity and iron will of the Russian leadership was not that of Yeltsin or other corrupt oligarchs. It was that of former KGB agents and Soviet military leaders who have drawn a line in the and that Obama dared not cross.

Nuland Angers but Obama Infuriates


After the dust settled in the Ukraine, Crimea became part of the Russian Federation again, the Donetsk and Lugansk areas are practically pro-Russian militarized regions, and the rest of the Ukraine re-assigned to corrupt oligarchs who favored George Soros, America, and the European Union banking cartel instead of Moscow. Did anyone think Russia would just stand idly by and accept this?

Way back in late 2003, Russia expelled the Open Society Institute and individuals associated with various allied with Soros from Russia. In 2015, they followed up with an outright ban on all activities by the OSI and other pro-Soros groups, essentially ending any influence and investment he had in that nation. The path to avenging the sanctions was well underway along with the liquidation of American Treasuries held by the Russian central bank:


So Russia added hundreds of tons of gold to their reserves and shaved about $50 billion in US Treasury instruments. As of the last Treasury Department report that figure was at $88.2 billion but why hold on to the remainder? Russia wants a counter-strike ability in the economic world to liquidate immediately those holding to inflict a one day surge of pain upon the US economy, but what does this have to do with Victoria Nuland, Wikileaks, Hillary, and cold, uncooked, frozen food served in space?

In what has to be assumed to be a FSB/Kremlin backed leak of Victoria Nuland’s phone call about the Ukraine situation, this excerpt from an article via the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity sums up George Soro’s position on the matter perfectly:

“That’s some pretty impressive tradecraft,” said Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland of the interception and leak of her now-infamous call to US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoff Pyatt. The call consisted of the two plotting to install a US puppet government in Ukraine after overthrowing the current, democratically elected government.

Tradecraft means “spycraft.” In other words, Nuland was crediting a foreign intelligence service with impressive use of technology to be able to hack into her call to the ambassador. Everyone knew she was talking about Russia, partly because the Administration had been blaming Russia from the moment the recording was made public.

However, Nuland knew all along that this was not the case, and she did nothing while the Administration continued to escalate the accusations against Russia.

In other words, she acted as an active participant in the overthrow of a duly elected yet anti-American government in Kiev but to what end? Obviously, at the urging of those who invest in politically powerful figures, Nuland’s action as a foot soldier for Soros’ interests under Obama helped not only those who wished to increase chaos, but to help those with financial interests to re-militarize NATO expansion and start a new Cold War. All of these actions set the reason, course, and deadly actions of not just the intercepted emails being released by Wikileaks, but more which may well be a reversal of the original Obama-Clinton-Soros strategy to destroy the current Russian regime.

Payback is a Bitch

America’s superiority in the world has given our nation an insular belief we can not lose or be harmed. Hillary Clinton’s bulletproof reputation as someone who can commit criminal actions along with her husband’s rampant sexual and financial deviance exhibits a strange diversion from reality that no matter who is in charge, no matter what actions are committed, the United States and the leading actors can never be harmed or destroyed.

This is the type of arrogance unseen since Nero or Caligula.

Hillary Clinton thought that her ties to George Soros and their earlier actions against Russian allies like Libya, Syria, and the Ukraine would be forgotten as she assumed Russians are like Americans with the attention span of a flea on cocaine.

Unfortunately for Ms. Clinton, payback is a bitch. The first batch of emails basically assaulted and dismantled any credibility her allies had. Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the media megastars like Chuck Todd, and those contributors named in the emails now have to move into turtle mode or disappear so as not to hurt her campaign. The Democrats believe that Obama’s regime has instituted such a fundamental change in our society that even the truth and reality can not hurt the Clinton’s or their crime foundation in the months to come.

I fear they are wrong in a very deadly way.

First news came out this week that the Ukrainian regime has elected, obviously with Nuland’s direction under Soros’ direction to default on billions of dollars in debt to Russia. This has infuriated Putin and the oligarchs beyond belief, although their direct reaction has yet to be expressed publicly. Despite popular belief within the Obama hierarchy, the Russians and pro-Russian militias are fully capable of launching a winter offensive in the Donbass and moving to seize strategic points like Mariupol and Odessa which puts an administration that does not want a war nor care about its already established legacy into a very uncomfortable position.

But that is only the tip of the spear. The real action will occur possibly as early as tomorrow morning.

If Russia does indeed have the data that the Wikileaks association purports to have also, then an embarrassing release of donors to the Clinton Foundation from Middle Eastern states under a visible quid-pro-quo to overthrow the Assad government will probably appear. The pipeline theory has long been established as well as the documented funding of the arms transfers from the fallen Libyan government to Syria funded by Qatar and alleged Saudi plus other interested GCC private interests.

What would make such a release even more humiliating for Hillary is that the probable revelations that the Saudi and Qatari friends of the family expect a return on their investment should she win the Presidential election in 2016. Before any of you pro-Obama or pro-Hillary clowns say this is not possible due to US law, I simply want any of those defending our corrupt government to explain the following donation in 2012:


If Wikileaks is indeed sponsored by the Russian foreign service, within the next 48 hours, expect a deluge of data which indicates the influence on Obama and the Clintons from the Middle East regarding not just policy relating to Syria, but against Israel which will cripple Hillary in the upcoming election.

And that’s just the good news.


If Mr. Beck’s theory about the Russians wishing to push Trump over the top, America is indeed going to get an August, September, and October surprise. Angela Merkel will get one also.

As will Wall Street and one George Soros.

The ignorance of Russian espionage by the American public is nothing short of amazing. If Russia elects to do so, which I assume they will, they can institute massive financial panic. Should they release some of the contributor emails off Hillary’s server relating to pay for play from Middle Eastern powers, the Arab wold will be set on fire and the already weakened GCC and Saudi governments may have to explain why the fortunes they need for domestic concerns were spent bribing U.S. politicians and foreign adventurism.

The bigger picture after the next wave of Hillarygate is far worse.

I fear the Russians will unleash their hackers to distort the derivatives market which will take a mild, somewhat contained Italian banking crisis and turn it into a full fledged financial crash for the European Union in August. By September, expect more mischief in U.S. financial markets along with more disclosures that hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Once the European Union crashes, the United States markets are right behind.

The big one however?

One week before the election, if Russia does indeed want Donald Trump as President, their agents will release emails that indicate the extend of the gun running operations in Benghazi and the indirect tacit approval of the assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stephens via the indirect approval of Hillary Clinton along with the information on the transfer of funds to Clinton Foundation and personal accounts for ensuring the delivery of all types of weapons; including sarin and mustard gas from Qaddafi’s old inventory. If Russia produces that information, which I suspect they will, Donald Trump could juggle naked on live TV while shooting up meth, and win the Presidency by 20 points, leaving our nation in a predicament unseen since the 1860’s.

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  1. Meldrum | 29/07/2016 at 06:37 |

    Spy Sep 16 2016 170.00 P

  2. Sumdude | 29/07/2016 at 20:31 |

    Wow. Your hopes are much grander than mine lol. Hillary implicated in transfer of chemical weapons to Syria from Libya? I was just sorta hoping for your average every day smoking gun like pay to play in Ecuador natural resource concessions lol.

    • Actually there is circumstantial evidence this happened but no ties to Hillary. However, the emails could nail it down.

  3. kozanne | 03/08/2016 at 23:53 |

    No financial guru here, I understand some of what you’re saying. But when you said Italy, my mind flashed on a headline I saw somewhere today about an Italian bank in trouble. Here is the link. The article was posted, I believe, about 12 hours ago:

    As to the ‘the big one’, I have maintained since the day of the attacks that Hillary Clinton and probably Barack 0bama were running weapons to Syria thru Turkey at personal gain and that the four dead in the compound were little more than collateral damage to them.

    Way to go sir! Well done!

  4. santiago | 10/08/2016 at 07:32 |

    I am amazed by your Cold War mentality. So much BS about Russia.

    • You probably should read my entire blog. I’m not anti-Russia by any stretch of the imagination. If anything, Obama is the one leader pushing for war and Hillary is right up there with him. They WANT a war as revenge for Russia failing to fall into line within the NWO structure.

      • santiago | 11/08/2016 at 04:08 |

        Did not mean to offend. I actually did not have time to delve or explain, I was in a rush and stupidly just posted.

        I was mostly referring to assertions like this:

        “Glenn Beck did a fine job outlining the personalities and individuals behind President Vladimir Putin within the FSB and oligarchy on his radio show yesterday. These are the same individuals who were probably behind ordering the Russian military and FSB to hack the DNC, Hillary, and in all probability State Department servers.”

        I do enjoy reading your articles and I do so almost every day, but I do not believe that Russia sees the US as an enemy, nor does it take action according to that way of thinking, that is the US neocon way of thinking, having a perpetual enemy. I also do not see Russian militias in Ukraine until recently, and calling rebels Pro-Russian, is not the proper term, they are REBELS first. they may have ties with Russia, would like to become part of Russia, etc… But those are Ukranian-Rebels not Pro-Russian rebels.

        Besides what I stated, I believe you give a very accurate account, and did enjoy the article I even sent i to some of my friends and family.

        From Mexico


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