Some Disturbing Pieces of Intel Possibly Relating to Upcoming Russian-Ukraine War

by John Galt
August 10, 2016 17:50 ET

I don’t know if this is any indication of something wicked this way coming but this maritime traffic map indicated in the embedded Tweet seems to indicate a massive increase in supplies to Kerch in the Crimea which is the primary Russian military base on the east side of the Crimean Peninsula.

If this is an indication of a rapid buildup of supplies for the upcoming war, look for American air supplies to increase into Kiev, Kharkov, and Odessa in the next 24 hours. The reaction by Vladimir Putin accusing Kiev of sending saboteurs into the Crimea killing 2 Russian soldiers is also disturbing:

‘Kiev has turned to terrorism’: Putin on foiled sabotage plot in Crimea

(excerpted from the Russia Today article above)

Kiev has turned to the “practice of terrorism” instead of trying to peacefully resolve Ukraine’s crisis, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in commenting on an FSB report that it had foiled terrorist attacks in Crimea plotted by Ukrainian intelligence.

Ukraine is “playing a dangerous game,” the Russian leader said when talking to reporters on Wednesday, while calling Kiev’s actions “stupid and criminal.”

Moscow cannot turn a blind eye to the deaths of its servicemen who were killed during special operations to prevent terrorist attacks in Crimea, Putin said.

Given that the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (HUR MOU) was allegedly behind the thwarted terrorist attacks in Crimea, it is “pointless” to meet with Ukraine’s current authorities to seek a solution to the country’s crisis, Putin said.

The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France, and Germany were to meet in the so-called “Normandy format” to discuss the peace process in Ukraine on the sidelines of the upcoming G20 in China.

However, Kiev has demonstrated that it’s not interested in peaceful negotiations, the Russian president told reporters, adding that he would like to address the matter with Moscow’s American and European partners as well.

“I think it’s obvious that Kiev’s current authorities are not seeking for ways to solve problems through negotiations, but have turned to terrorism,” Putin said, adding that this new development is rather alarming.

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) announced on Wednesday it had discovered a group of infiltrators in Crimea close to the Ukrainian border. Explosive devices and ammunition used by the Ukrainian Army’s special forces were discovered at the scene, while more attempts by Ukrainian raiding and terrorist groups to break through had been prevented by Russian forces this week, the FSB said.

Add in this piece of information from about 1 hour ago, and life could get very interesting and disturbing in the next 72 hours:


Stay tuned as this could escalate with very little notice, especially considering the volley of artillery exchanges now occurring every night at sunset.

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  1. Doom Sternz | 10/08/2016 at 20:18 |

    The drive towards war and the endless austerity measures are growing increasingly incompatible with the thin veneer of parliamentary democracy that was established by the new ruling classes in Eastern Europe after the restoration of capitalism in the 1990s. The admission last year by former Social Democratic President Ion Iliescu that his administration participated in the CIA torture program, and that it was done without blinking an eye in order to secure the country’s admission to NATO, should serve as a stark warning to the working class as to the criminal character of these ruling oligarchies.

    A stark warning to Europe is that never in history has a military buildup occurred that has not ended in war. As Thomas Hardy once said “You can do anything with bayonets except sit on them.”

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