Japan Releases Video of China Violating Senkaku Islands Territory with Coast Guard and Fishing Vessels (Video)

by John Galt
August 16, 2016 20:40 ET


The fires in Turkey are still simmering, the firefights in the Ukraine continuing, the bombing and artillery exchanges accelerating as the Syrian offensive increases near Aleppo, and of course now, the Chinese government sends a fleet of commercial fishing boats estimated to be in number between 200-300 with an estimated 28 armed Chinese Coast Guard ships into the disputed waters around the Senkaku Islands.

Too add fuel to this fire, the Japanese Coast Guard posted video of the incursion on its website according to the The Japan Times:

From the article linked at The Japan Times:

In the last segment of the video, the 1,500-ton patrol ship Aguni, equipped with a 20-mm cannon and a helicopter landing pad, approaches a Chinese coast guard ship and a fishing boat.

The Aguni flashes a warning on its electronic message board urging the Chinese ships to leave the waters immediately, according to Japanese captions on the video.

“Your ship has intruded into the territorial waters of our country,” the message says, according to the captions.

“Non-innocent passage in the Japanese waters is not allowed. Get out of this area immediately,” the Aguni warned, according to the Japan Coast Guard.

Of 18 Chinese government ships spotted around the Senkakus, seven were equipped with what looked like machine guns, a Japan Coast Guard press statement said.

“Actions by the Chinese side like this, which will escalate the situation, is not tolerable,” it said.

Just in time for all the world markets to collapse and wars to start everywhere around the world. NOW I am beginning to understand what it felt like in late August 1939.

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