November 13, 2016 World War 3: The U.N. Gambit

by John Galt
August 21, 2016 03:00 ET

I apologize for the pause in this ongoing blovel, however, I honestly thought and still think that by this time on Wednesday morning we may still face the possibility of a major conflict erupting should the Poroshenko government keep pressing the issue at the same time the Syrian and Russian Air Forces are bombing near United States Special Forces units inside of Syria. That being said, this story may become the exception versus the rule with the timing being incorrect, which I admit to often, however the consequences I fear will be deadly, similar, and creating a new world order where the United States and United Kingdom are beggar nations while the East rises.

Time will tell however.

One thing for certain, the events of the past two weeks are intriguing only because it causes anyone who pays actual attention to world events to have the puckerability to suck a piece of paper up to their rear and walk across the room.

Thus as this story continues, I put my PUCKERFACTORDEFCON at a solid 4 this week….back to our story:

The United Nations Gambit

Foreign Minister Lavrov arrived in New York at four o’clock in the morning on this rainy and unusually cold day in November. It was a Sunday and the urgency of his arrival was underscored by the number of reporters waiting to talk to him on the tarmac at JFK as the rain started to pick up. “I’m sorry, but the Foreign Minister is not taking any questions nor offering comments at this time,” the spokeswoman from the Russian Embassy offered to the swarm of media. CNN was totally freaked out on the air as they thought this would be their chance for a scoop and to play some role in the coverage of these discussions, but instead their cameraman was shoved to the ground by a Russian security agent and advised to stay there.

Once inside the limousine, Minister Lavrov spoke up to his forward unit, “Don’t you think that was a bit much Latiaka?” The spokeswoman, an attractive graduate of the FSB school and holding numerous university degrees calmly replied, “Minister Lavrov, our mission today is to protect you, protect Mother Russia, and project strength. These insects in the American media who have been spreading lies about the Black Sea incident and what is happening in Europe are to be dismissed at every turn per Moscow.” Lavrov nodded in approval then began pouring over the decoded messages from Russia she had provided for him the minute he sat inside the limo and it started rolling.

The sudden expression his face was shocking to her when he spoke up and advised, “General Order 17.” She nodded then began sending text messages on her iPhone. Interestingly enough, this was only the start of a very interesting day for the both of them in New York as the United Nations building came into sight. As the vehicle hit the main security check point the driver finished the necessary paperwork and then in an unusual breech of protocol rolled the window down between the front and back of the limo. “Sir this is important,” the driver began, “your situation here must be resolved by 2300 Moscow Time. My instructions are to have you on the plane before the sun sets here. You are not to go the Embassy or engage in social chit-chat of any type.” Lavrov leaned forward and said, “Thank you Sergei, I’m pleased to see you are in charge of my security team. What I have to say today will not take long. Please have all three of our jets ready for return by 3 pm New York Time. I wouldn’t want to panic our American friends too much when they realize that almost all of our Diplomatic staff is leaving.”

The months of diplomacy preceding this Security Council meeting should pay off handsomely for the Russians and Chinese if both nations were correct in their estimates.

The Chinese and Russians both worked with Venezuela, Uruguay, Senegal, Malaysia, and Egypt to prepare them for a block against U.S. and U.K. efforts to establish more peacekeeping forces in Europe and Asia. With the fall of Raqqa happening just two weeks ago to Syrian and Iranian forces, it was obvious to all that Russia and China were ascending while U.S. influence was fading not just in the Middle East, but Europe as the Baltic scare just illustrated in the past week. The two powers wished to avoid using their veto authority but if necessary they would to end the West’s efforts to unify the United Nations and at least present the facade of a world government having power over them.

Venezuela was the first nation called upon to speak and the Ambassador began by stating that the Ukrainian government would be out of line and demanded that they allowed a U.N. Security Council appointed group to oversee their upcoming elections with observers from Latin America and Asia to offset the bias from European and North American powers. Malaysia seconded this motion as did Uruguay. At this point in time the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Powers started her statement with one of the most amazing things ever heard since the old League of Nations and of course, the Cuban Missile Crisis:

“Fellow members of the United Nations, members of the world community, and those who wish peace upon this Earth. The Russian Federation has declared war on the North American Treaty Organization and the independent nations of Iraq and Ukraine. If these actions are not stopped immediately, the entire world will find itself at war with the the Russians and their subversive armies who are destroying any prospect of peace in our time. I beseech the members to vote for a condemnation and support a United States initiative to deploy troops from around the world into Eastern Europe, the Ukraine, and Iraq to prevent Russia, Syria, and Iran from starting a world conflict from which there may be no turning back. The United States also demands the return of the bodies of our sailors from the sinking of the U.S.S. Donald Cook.”

Foreign Minister Lavrov sat stoically in his chair, almost grinning as Powers read her statement. He knew that she was doing nothing more than repeating the party line of the administration, but in his wildest dreams did he ever imagine that she was so capable of such a grand line of nonsense. As she sat down he pressed the button and waved his pen to request a moment to speak before the Ukrainians and the chair, at this moment headed by Mr. Diallo from Senegal elected to agree to the demands of the Russians. “Minister Lavrov, I request that your content relates to the current situation,” he began, “but if you extend your remarks beyond issues related beyond the current scope, I request you kindly cease them.”

Lavrov understood the commentary completely, bowed, acknowledged his request and began to speak:

“The fictions spun by the Ukrainian representative and American puppet masters is beyond reproach. The Russian Federation has no desire to attack the North American Treaty Organization, its member nations, nor invade the corrupt puppet of Wall Street, the Ukraine Republic. If those nations wish to remain as whores, so be it, Russia will not object but will ascribe its political and business dealings accordingly. In the 1930’s, the West threatened the Union of Soviet Russian Republics if we failed to engage in a suicide pact to attack Nazi Germany. Today they wish we that our nation surrender to their economic and military demands for sovereign territorial integrity by withdrawing our soldiers from our own border! This is unacceptable.

The Russian Federation had nothing to do with the sinking of the Donald Cook, the Americans have their own issues that they are covering up, and if NATO wishes to invade the Russian Federation let it be known here tonight that we are prepared to defend our nation at all costs, including the eradication of all Western capitols which participate in the attacks upon our sovereign territory. If Danish, French, British, Canadian, or Lord Forbid, American troops participate in such folly, then Mother Russia shall be forced to act.

And the entire world shall pay a price for which millions shall never recover.”

The Chinese representative was the next to speak up and before the Chair could call order, they stated, “The People’s Republic of China hereby vetoes and will veto any action against our neighbors in the Russian Federation so to begin proceedings with or without our presence is irrelevant. Our government no longer recognizes any authority of this body and if they elect to take actions against the People’s Republic of China or our neighbors, this shall be considered an act of war against us.”

The Ukrainian representative was then called upon to speak but before he did, Lavrov and the Chinese representative stood up as did the representatives of Senegal, Venezuela, Malaysia, Uruguay, Egypt, and Angola stood up and walked out. Without the required majority no one could act or request a vote so the words of the Ukrainians and others were irrelevant.

The die was now cast.

Who would break the peace?

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  1. XuscitizenSweden | 21/08/2016 at 12:15 |

    More likely than not, the flashpoint for WW3 will be ‘Ukraine’.

    I like the falseflag connotations concerning the Uss Donald Cook; it should really be called the “Us-Donald-Sitting Duck”.
    Yepp, another Seal Team 6 just waitin’ to happen.
    The msm-media exposure at this moment is too heavy-duty in Syria & the South China Sea.

    Good Call there johng_.
    Yepp….it’s Ukraine.
    No question about it.

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