So the Pro-Trump Patriot Movement is Reduced to Picklegate?

by John Galt
August 30, 2016 21:10 ET


Let me get this straight.

Hillary Clinton is leading a conspiracy theory that because she didn’t really open a jar of pickles on a taped national television show that a liberal talk show host set up as a comedy bit.


Of course Alex Jones consulted with the Trump team via his secret decoder ring and found out how to attack this subject:

Whoops, wrong video:

So last night Wolf Blitzer of CNN infamy, since no one watches that network any longer, was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Alex Jones made sure to snip the clip to illustrate the truth of that conspiracy theory:

Screw Benghazi! Screw the dead bodies! Screw the lies against Herr Trump!

She had Huma Hump those Pickles Open before Kimmel taped the show!!!!!

This is Vlasic Classic evidence!

And Wolf Blitzer just confirmed it. Good work Alex, I’m sure Trump’s team will send you more secretly encoded instructions in your next box of Fruit Loops!

Now what day are the aliens returning to give you your next anal probe?

2 Comments on "So the Pro-Trump Patriot Movement is Reduced to Picklegate?"

  1. Broken Arrow | 31/08/2016 at 22:04 |

    I know you will probably censor my remarks because we live in your ‘free’ society. I don’t give a $hit.
    Y focus on trump at this point when there are so many other examples of outright evil out there? Is trump the problem ? Really? How Bout killery , how’s about his lordship omaba? The latter have Definite solid record of treason against America , does trump, really he hasn’t been in a position of power as folks you refuse to focus on have. Wake up dude, unless you are a paid loser lib ass troll, yes I am talking to mr John galt. Wtf?

    • Trump ain’t no saint. Remember that once he begins is pro-Choice anti-Freedom policies. He’s Herbert Hoover v2.0 and that is as dangerous as it gets because this time, we don’t recover. Hillary could be impeached but Americans and especially the Republiclowns won’t do it, which would block her from office. It’s because they won’t get their corporate handouts either. So if you’re blind, Trump won’t make you see, if you’re stupid, Trump won’t make you smart, but if you’re broke, either as President will provide you with a nice barbed wire work camp to keep you busy.

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