I Have Surrendered and Agree with the Lesser of Two Evils Argument

by John Galt
September 6, 2016 21:25 ET

The surrender of Mark Levin to the ideal of “the lesser of two evils” argument and thus his decision to support Donald Trump for President is quite logical when one takes a deep, introspective look at the consequences of a Hillary Clinton Presidency. This talking point has been the mainstay of so-called conservative talk radio hosts for decades now as Rush, Sean Hannity, and others used it when arguing for Robert Dole, a candidate equally as horrid in quality as Trump, again with George W. Bush twice, then of course, the Progressive batshit crazy senile old fart from Arizona, John McCain.


By 2012, after the Tea Party revolution was in full but fading glory, the official GOP push was to stop that crazy guy from Texas Ron Paul because God forbid, we couldn’t have a candidate running for President that attracted young voters, had principles regarding the Constitution, and wouldn’t keep America involved in the phony war on terror globally. Thus the conservative talk radio machine and media fell in line and supported another horrible candidate for President who gave us four more years of Hurricane Obama.

Here we go again.

Rush is in the bag because he has a membership to protect (allegedly) at the Trump National Golf Club at Doral. Sean Hannity wants to fly around on Air Force 1 and play golf at Camp David while ogling Melania. Fox News became a Trump Super-PAC during the primaries all but giving the Cheetos Jesus the keys to the studios and all of the camera operators to work for him at his discretion.

Alas, Mark Levin held out but did promise to reveal his decision tonight and true to his word, he did, by saying he would vote for Donald Trump even though he will not cover for him if he makes a mistake while in office. You know what he means of course, the policy errors a President Trump might make, like starting a nuclear war with China, starting a trade war and economic depression, or putting the golden Trump letters down the side of a newly renovated Washington Monument. However he did take the tried and true conservative talk show approach and insinuate that yes, he was voting for the lesser of two evils.

Thus leaving some of us out in the hinterlands wondering what to do, and alas, it is time for me to follow their leads and select the

Lesser of Two Evils

I have decided to stop drinking low calorie, low carb beers and only drink high calorie, full flavor beers. Why? I’m over 50 and it doesn’t matter any longer because it is the lesser of two evils.


I have decided to stop eating fruit and fiber rich foods for my breakfast, and instead, crank up something to support big cereal to keep Americans employed because illegal aliens probably picked my fruit and keeping American jobs in America is the lesser of two evils.


In fact, since I’m over the age of 50 and been a non-smoker all of my life, I have decided to take up cigarette smoking instead of marijuana smoking because it is legal and the lesser of two evils.



Hell, if it is good enough for Fred Flintstone, it’s good enough for me and must be the lesser of two evils.

America is at a major crossroads where the U.S. Constitution is at risk, and our choices are a modern day version of Herbert Hoover or Eleanor Roosevelt on Leninist Steroids. Either way America is screwed.

Pass me a light please.

13 Comments on "I Have Surrendered and Agree with the Lesser of Two Evils Argument"

  1. raisincain | 06/09/2016 at 22:19 |

    Well said…unfortunately.

  2. Don Calderalo | 07/09/2016 at 01:40 |

    I’m with you. I’m voting for him, but I’m not a fan. The alternative is unthinkable.

  3. Can’t do it. Lesser of 2 evils is still evil. America has lost her idealism and realism changes constantly.

    • Paul Weiss | 08/09/2016 at 09:37 |

      So, sitting on your hands in November and allowing an Alinskyite to build on the accomplishments of the present Alinskyite, is some kind of solution?

      • The game is rigged and I refuse to contribute to the façade.

        • Paul Weiss | 08/09/2016 at 15:52 |

          That is exactly what “they” want you -someone who would normally oppose them – to do, stay home, and NOT oppose them. When a conservative who would normally vote against them stays home, it is like giving then 1/2 of a vote.

          Evil, unopposed, wins.

          • Oh, I’m not staying home. I’m supporting the best qualified down ballot candidates who believe and actually vote for Constitutional and Capitalist principles. To think I’m not voting is foolish. I’ll reveal my Presidential ballot the day before the election.

          • Clinton should be in prison. If the vote is legitimate she gets a great majority of those on welfare, those working for gov’t., minorities, women and the weird communities. This is well over half of the voters so she’ll get the majority vote.
            I don’t know who really makes up the electoral college but it seems money buys it and she’s been a puppet to the big money system for years.
            All the news is slanted toward her for those that don’t pay attention. The system is corrupt. Anyone thinking that they can change things by voting isn’t looking at the whole picture.
            Something needs to be done but we are in such a state of ‘going along with the status quo’ that we give up our morals by choosing the lesser of two evils.

  4. Paul Weiss | 08/09/2016 at 09:24 |

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – often attributed to Edmund Burke, though not proven.

    Hillary Clinton is, politically speaking from the Conservative viewpoint, the Devil. She is all-out Alinskyite, and will complete Obama’s radical takeover of the federal judiciary. She will legalize tens of milf illegals and put them on a”path to citizenship” – this will permanently cement the Liberal/Leftist control of the presidency and likely the Senate. She will increase taxes and regulations, weaken the military further, never address the budget deficit, attempt to destroy the 1st and 2nd Amendments, make Obamacare permanent ( or, worse, Implement a single-payer system when ObamaCare inevitably collapses on itself as it was designed to do), and continue Obama’s war on fossil fuels and American energy independence. This is the antithesis of Conservatism.

    Trump, for all of his many flaws, will do the opposite on the above issues (or, at least, this is what he promises to do). These policy stances, being the opposite of the antithesis of Conservatism, are thus Conservative.

    Is there some kind of guarantee that Trump will implement these policies? No, of course not. But while we do not know with certainty what Trump will do, we DO know with certainty what Clinton will do. Clinton will be the ultimate disaster for this nation and for American Conservatism, because she will build on the foundation created by Obama (and the last two years of Bush). The Leftists have been plotting since the 1965 Immigration Act to irreversibly change our electorate, and to thereby ensuring themselves of permanent power. They are one election away from accomplishing their goal. The only choice we have to stop this action is a very imperfect candidate. We don’t always get the choice that we want in life, but nonetheless life forces us to make choices. Sitting on one’s hands and refusing to make a choice between two regrettable, but nonetheless distinguishable choices is, itself, a choice. Not voting in this election, or voting for some third-party candidate that literally has no chance of winning, is a choice that can ONLY help to support for Hillary Clinton (indirectly). There can be no other conclusion, logically speaking.

    I am as unhappy as you are with the incredibly poor choice that we have in this election. However being unhappy with something does not change it. The simple fact is that the Conservatives took over House of Representatives, yet they did nothing to stop Obama. Later, the Conservative wave helped to take the Senate, though Conservatives clearly never controlled that body. Nonetheless, even with control of both houses of Congress in the hands of the opposition, Obama was not stopped. Maybe the public voting in the Republican primaries this year finally understood that the problem wasn’t one of conservative versus moderate versus New World Order vs Cheap Labor Express, or any other political label, but one of politician vs. non-politician. That is how we got Trump. Frankly, I don’t believe that Trump would even have run for office if it had not been for the utter failure of the Conservative movement to be able to effectively stop an avowed enemy of our Republic. The politicians essentially created Trump, and the people who cared enough to vote in the Republican primary chose him. They didn’t choose Ted Cruz, nor Scott Walker, nor Rand Paul, nor anybody else who could remotely be called a conservative. They picked a nationalist who clearly loves his country, and who has a history of actually getting things done, instead of just talking about getting things done.

    This election May possibly prevent the American public with one of its least satisfactory choices between major party candidates. However, the differences between those candidates for anyone who claims to love this country and its founding ideals is abundantly clear. Trump is no panacea, but he is leagues better than Hillary Clinton.

  5. 9% Ninja | 08/09/2016 at 11:54 |

    Either way, we’re fucked. Royally. More royally than the queen herself. I’m scribbling in the circle for DJT but not happy about it. Like the last two elections, not voting for the Repb candidate, voting against the other one.

    Suck it up ‘John’, are you really going to put Shitlary in the WH?

    • Paul Weiss | 08/09/2016 at 12:07 |

      I voted “against,” rather than “for” in every election since 1984 – because the alternative was worse, WAY worse. I didn’t like it, but there was really no other choice – staying home and letting “way worse” get into power was not an option for me, and still isn’t.

    • Nope. Still looking at 3rd party alternatives and voting for pro-Constitution/Capitalists down ballot.

  6. PALiberty | 09/09/2016 at 15:44 |

    Why vote for the lesser Evil Cthulhu 2016

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