Rush Limbaugh is Full of Shit

by John Galt
September 7, 2016 20:00 ET


“Conservatism, as has been applied the last 10 years, what do we have to show for it? We have a bunch of midterm election victories, but nothing done with them. And, if you’re really serious about how bad things are but you can’t find it in yourself to oppose Hillary Clinton, then you’re worthless.”
– Rush Limbaugh on his radio show, September 7, 2016

I guess I’m worthless or Rush Limbaugh is full of shit.

I will go with the latter.

In 1996 El Rushbo gave us the woe is us the world is going to end routine that if we don’t suck it up and vote for a moderate Robert Dole for President, Clinton would run roughshod all over the Republicans and the “Contract with America” which swept them into power in 1994.

What happened?

Bob Dole proved that he was as incompetent of a Presidential candidate as Micheal Dukakis but old El Rushbo insisted we had to vote for him no matter what because the world would end of conservatism would be destroyed by the Clinton.


The end result of our blind loyalty to boarding the Titanic and believing Captain Limbaugh? Dole lost by 9%. Then without Clinton’s prompting, the Republicans abandoned the Contract with America on their own and most of the candidates who were in office established their own little political fiefdoms becoming the current establishment or were involved in disgusting scandals forcing them to resign in disgrace.

Fast forward to 2000 and the dreadful moderate George W. Bush vs. Algore campaign of infamy. El Rushbo warned us that if we didn’t vote for W., then conservatism would indeed die on the cross as Algore would continue the Clinton era policies or worse since he was a flaming liberal destined to expand government to sizes and indebtedness we could never imagine.

The result? We obeyed Captain Limbaugh’s orders and voted for George W. Bush who barely won the election. Before the next election, we were mired in two major wars with no definitive definition of victory, our military was handcuffed with a new politically correct rules of engagement which increased our casualties unnecessarily,  and government expanded to sizes and indebtedness we never could have imagined.

Then it was the election of 2004. The Nightmare from Ketchup Street, John Heinz Kerry who served in Vietnam by the way, was running against George W. If Kerry won it would mean that the wet dreams of Ted Kennedy would all come true and conservatism would once again die. Even though El Rushbo did have the intellectual honesty to admit that George W. Bush was not the perfect conservative, he was the only one who could stop the Democrats and save conservatism so we had to vote for him. Thankfully, he won and to this day, yes we miss you George W. even if you were not one of the best or brightest to hold the office.

Oh, and by the way Rush, it was George W. that enabled the election of Obama by going 100% full progressive in his last two years in office by ignoring the banking problems, allowing financial market manipulation without proper regulatory oversight, letting Nancy Pelosi of all people push him around, leaving us in two wars without winning them, and of course trying to pass the very same illegal alien amnesty that current Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is in favor of.

And I almost forgot: He increased the national debt to the highest level in our nation’s history until Obama doubled it again.

Thus when 2008 came around, of course the stupid party would nominate a conservative and make Rush Limbaugh and those of us who had quit the party by that time happy, right?


The RNC rigged the primaries and nominated their boy, the dirty old man you expect to see at a run down dog track exposing himself to old ladies while wearing a gray trench-coat. But have no fear, El Rushbo is here! Rush gets McCain on his radio show to pump him up and promote his conservative values. Of course the discussion never focused on the other issues McCain supported like amnesty for illegals, restrictions on the Constitution, and expanding the wars overseas without defining what victory really was. Good thing for Rush he didn’t look stupid with his support of McCain when the Senator said before the election in September of 2008:

Yeah. That worked out. Thanks Rush. Thanks for telling us that conservatism would die if we didn’t support McCain.

Between the disaster of the 2008 election and 2012, the Tea Party appeared, was snuffed out with an assist from the Republican establishment, and the GOP decided to throw its support to a mild, kind man who allegedly was a conservative. Captain Limbaugh cracked the whip defending this man’s conservative credentials and claiming that Mitt Romney was our only salvation and if you didn’t support him, you were not really a conservative.

Ten million evangelicals and conservatives stayed home when Mitt Romney exposed his liberal viewpoints and cowardice by failing to stand up to Barack Obama in the last two debates and on the airwaves.

El Rushbo was stunned but guess what?

The conservative movement didn’t die. Conservative talk radio expanded as did the internet. The moon did not crash into Cape Girardeau, MO.

Good thing it’s 2016 and El Rushbo can shovel the same shit, different election, once again.

Because his insistence on working “within the party” and attempting to change America back to the Reagan ideal of conservative values has worked oh so well the last twenty years.

6 Comments on "Rush Limbaugh is Full of Shit"

  1. sawbuck57 | 07/09/2016 at 20:25 |

    Kurt Saxon said it best 20 years ago when he referred to Limbaugh as the “Doctor of Mob Rule” – he exists to sell things on the radio – he just has managed to stay entertaining – and that is ALL he is, an entertainer. Principles are not for media personalities. (And yes, he is full of it, and has been since I first heard him on local radio in Sacramento, CA circa 1987 before he took his act national. He made me laugh then too.)

  2. Limbo is the pied piper for the liberals. The conservatives follow him religiously. When an issue comes up that could blindside the liberal agenda, Rush convinces us to take the wrong side. When term limits was gaining popularity several years ago, he came out convincingly against it. It died on the vine and hasn’t been an issue since. His conservative rants are just to keep his followers believing him until he can sway them away from really changing things.

  3. Idahoser | 08/09/2016 at 17:22 |

    sorry, Rush is right. And this from somebody who heard him say it, not reading somebody telling me what he said.
    I would have chosen somebody different but this is what we have, if you won’t help then I expect you to get out of the way.

  4. Rush was wrong as most of us were wrong back then. I did have the awareness not to vote for Romney. But if you want the end of America vote for Johnson or don’t vote at all. If you are ready for the killing to begin vote for Hillary. Trump is hated by both sides and by the elite, so there is a chance that he might be good. But we know Hillary is evil, and we know that Johnson is a piece of shit.

  5. I’m done with the “lesser of two evils” argument and the false dichotomy conspiracy that is the U.S. political system. If anyone thinks there is a special place in hell for people that were more evil than the rest of us, they are in for a rude awakening. Hell is Hell, and that is where the citizens of the U.S. are headed, regardless of the outcome of the charade that we are currently witnessing. I just wish my children didn’t have to have a front row seat…

  6. Zetetic | 09/09/2016 at 18:37 |

    After having listened to Rush on and off since the mid-90s, I agree with what you have written.
    He keeps conservatives interested between elections then begins his pre-election qualification all of the Republican-Progressive views into sounding like conservative values. Just like the good establishment stooge telling us to vote for the RNC-selected candidate.
    I have had no interest in turning his show on since the end of the primaries. I assume he is “translating” all Trump’s wild-ass statements and directional changes to sound like he represents something and has any type of values.

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