Dude You’re Getting a Dell Screwing Over

by John Galt
September 9, 2016 18:50 ET

Ah yes, the classics, even though the line about customer service was proven to be 100% bullshit.

Of course with the news of the last 48 hours, Dell Computer just basically gave Donald “My Illegals are OK, yours aren’t” Trump a brand new campaign commercial. From Wolf Street:

Dell-EMC to Lay Off 2,000 – 3,000 US Workers after Requesting 5,000 H-1B Visas & Green Cards to Import Foreign Workers

I would suggest clicking on the link to see the full story just so my readers can compare and contrast, here is the Bloomberg version of the story:

Dell Technologies to Cut at Least 2,000 Jobs After EMC Deal

Weird. Nowhere in the article is there any mention of the H1B Visa requests. Nor is there a mention of outsourcing of some of those positions also. Nor is there any information about the Democrat kingdom of Massachusetts, where many of these layoffs will occur, about any politicos complaining, whining, or saying anything publicly.

Want to know why America is pissed?

It’s not because of the acquisitions or mergers; it is because the very same assholes like Micheal Dell who encouraged Americans to go into debt to get engineering and computer related degrees so he could hire them have decided that his profit model will not work using these same workers once they get promoted or advance within his corporate structure. Just like that bimbo from HP who claimed she had nothing to do with outsourcing of computer jobs, Dell will go down in history as another black mark in the industry as America’s failure to adapt and keep American workers employed in the very jobs we were told to get an education for, eventually goes tits up.

Dude, you’re getting a Dell. Not in my damned household, I hope they go bankrupt by 2018.

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