When You See Stories Like This, the Market Top is In

by John Galt
September 16, 2016 19:50 ET


When you see stories like this one (via Business Insider):


Yeah, it usually means the market top is in. When the pie in the sky insanity after years of predicting market crashes and booms winds down to the end of the a credit and business cycle, the insane stories start to appear attributing rallies to elections, Issac Newton, Trump’s belly button lint, or the length and duration of Hillary Clinton’s Parkinson seizures.

The truth sucks but God forbid the pump and dumpers tell the sheeple that fact.

Meanwhile today’s market was ugly; which is an appropriate finish to a very ugly day over the last seven days of trading and financial news (via WSJ):


If Newton is correct, this sucker is going down, down, down, like the worm ridden apple that it is. However Yellen might give the worms some hopium and the AAPLs could levitate further for no real reason. Next week is going to set a lot things in motion regarding the future market direction as will the period until October 28. Everyone should have their Spidey Crash Senses on full alert until the election.

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