Russia Sends a Warning to Finland with the S-400 Deployment in the Leningrad Region

by John Galt
September 21, 2016 20:10 ET


The news from Russia this afternoon was a direct warning to Finland not to join NATO. For the first time since the Cold War era, Russia is deploying anti-aircraft missile regiments in the Leningrad Oblast, a region which borders Estonia and Finland. From ITAR-TASS today:

Russia to deploy S-400 air defense missile systems in Leningrad region

MOSCOW, September 21. /TASS/. Two regiments of the S-400 air defense missile systems will be delivered to the Air Force and Air Defense unit deployed in the Leningrad region in the near future, the head of Russia’s Western Military Command’s press service Igor Muginov told journalists on Wednesday.

“At this time, military servicemen are preparing to hold an operational readiness exercise at the Ashuluk military station in the Astrakhan region. They are going to engage low-flying aerial, high altitude, evading and ballistic targets… After the operational readiness exercise is completed, the missile complex will be brought into operation so it can be used to protect the aerial borders of North-West Russia,” the officer elaborated.

The S-400 Triumph is a long-range anti-aircraft missile system that went into service in 2007. It is designed to target aircraft and cruise missiles at a distance of up to 400 km, it is also able to engage ballistic targets flying at the speed of up to 4.8 km per second at a distance of 60 km.

As reported earlier, in 2016 the Russian Army is supposed to receive five regiments of the S-400 systems. Consequently, by the end of the year the Russian military will have 16 regiments armed with these air defense missile systems.

Everyday NATO at the behest of Obama’s ego raises the stakes and Vladimir Putin seems ready to call and raise every time. Eventually, once all the chess pieces are in place, unless a rational player enters the scene a war will erupt that everyone will regret on all sides of the conflict; especially Europe.

5 Comments on "Russia Sends a Warning to Finland with the S-400 Deployment in the Leningrad Region"

  1. Nexusfast123 | 23/09/2016 at 01:05 |

    Hardly an issue as S400 is defensive. As Putin commented to the leader of Finland there are no significant Russian forces located anywhere the Finiish border. Only the stupidity of NATO will change this.

    • For some reason the Finnish have elected some NWO goons who want NATO based in Finland. I wonder how much Soros paid to get them elected.

  2. Meccaisbabylonthegreat | 23/09/2016 at 11:49 |

    Clash of the Titans. God help us out this starts.

  3. mac.mcgovern58 | 01/10/2016 at 05:39 |

    When are we going to develop an anti S-400 missile?

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