Russia Launches Massive Nuclear Strategic Exercise today with 1,700 Items of Hardware

by John Galt
September 22, 2016 21:40 ET

The story of Russian military exercises today is becoming a daily occurrence but the show put on today was extraordinary for the scope and locations of some of Russia’s Strategic Nuclear forces used in today’s drill. From ITAR-TASS:

Over 60 Topol, Topol-M, Yars missile launchers taking part in Russia’s large-scale drills

MOSCOW, September 22. /TASS. Over 60 standalone Topol, Topol-M and Yars missile launchers are making “intensive maneuvers” on combat patrol routes from the Tver Region to the Irkutsk Region, Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement.

“Overall, some 1,700 items of large-size hardware are used in the maneuvers,” the statement said.

The Tver Region/Oblast is pictured in this map north of Moscow:



And here is a map showing the region around Irkutsk where the exercises could have taken place:


The video from Russian television gives one some idea of the expanse of this exercise:

Of course the Russians did not just put their missile forces out for show today, they also decided to send two bombers on a run towards the United Kingdom (from the BBC):

RAF Lossiemouth jets intercept Russian bombers

The Russian bombers came from the direction of Norway and passed to the west of Shetland.

The RAF said at no time did the Russian jets enter UK air space.

Typhoon aircraft also launched from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire as a precautionary measure, but were not required to intercept.

It was the latest of several similar incidents involving Russian military aircraft flying close to UK airspace.

The excellent military aviation website The Aviationist posted several pictures from today’s intercept (higher quality than this one) on their website:


Needless to say, it must have been a long day at NORAD, the Pentagon, and NATO headquarters. Stay tuned as the Russians are definitely up to no good as this activity continues to ramp up at a faster pace.

3 Comments on "Russia Launches Massive Nuclear Strategic Exercise today with 1,700 Items of Hardware"

  1. Zetetic | 22/09/2016 at 23:11 |

    The weakest leader on the planet continues to be the small man cowering in the corner of the operations room while the grown ups have sat eight years at the table waiting for his strategy. They are still met with with his blank stare and silence.

    Every nation in the world knows there is no plan if they decide to move their borders a little north, a little south, a little east, or a little west; if they want to build nuclear weapons; if they want to expand into international waters; if they want to recruit militants on our own soil; if they want to take military personnel hostage; if they want to run simulated high-speed attacks; if they want to tip mortars with mustard gas….

    • Nexusfast123 | 23/09/2016 at 01:08 |

      Your comment must be about Obama as it strikes me that the Russians have a handle on what to do and are sensibly preparing in the face of the idiocy of the degenerates in Washington.

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