The Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Supreme Court Fallacy

by John Galt
September 24, 2016 21:25 ET


As the Cruz Crew continues to implode over his recent endorsement of Donald Trump, a sad reality has emerged within the conservative media and deliberately bled into the mainstream so as to provide some modicum of cover for Senator Cruz and those within the Trump camp who did not want his endorsement.

The most fascinating part of the narrative has been the sudden addition of potential judicial nominees to the Supreme Court that Donald Trump released the day before Ted Cruz endorsed him. In fact Senator Cruz reminded everyone about this while speaking at the Texas Tribune Festival tonight:

Of course Donald Trump has never lied, right Ted? Or perhaps Senator Cruz should go ask Ivana Trump or Marla Maples.

Is the promise on Supreme Court nominees true? According to Roll Call on Friday, this was one of the key reasons Cruz endorsed Cheetos Jesus:

Trump Wins Ted Cruz’s Vote With Supreme Court List


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s endorsement of Donald Trump came only hours after the Republican presidential nominee had put his friend and colleague Utah Sen. Mike Lee on a list of potential Supreme Court picks.

And even though Lee had expressed disinterest in being included on Trump’s list Friday, the potential court pick was a central part of Cruz’s reasoning for changing gears and backing Trump.

In a Facebook post, Cruz said the Supreme Court hangs in the balance in the election. He said Lee “would make an extraordinary justice” and cited Trump’s “explicit commitment” to nominate only from “a very strong” list of 21 potential nominees.

“This commitment matters, and it provides a serious reason for voters to choose to support Trump,” Cruz wrote of the man who dubbed him “Lyin’ Ted” during the presidential primaries, and whom Cruz in May called “utterly amoral” and a “pathological liar.”

Thus there is this deliberate misconception being promoted by outlets like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Hugh Hewitt, and various conservative writers that if Donald Trump is not elected then only liberal judges will be appointed to the Supreme Court. Unfortunately for these promoters of this fallacy, they forget the mechanics of the United States Senate and abject cowardice displayed by the very party they demand we blindly support in November.

The Republicans currently hold a 54-46 majority in the U.S. Senate and even if they did not lose a race, it is numerically insufficient to stop a filibuster of any Supreme Court nominee by the Democrats. To add to the complications in this matter, the Senator from Kentucky who controls the action in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, can not be trusted to enact or engage in any action which would override any Democrat blocking action.

For the sake of this discussion however, let’s assume that the Senate elections follows current predictions of a 51-49 Republican majority heading into the 2017 session.

The Democrats, hopelessly outnumbered and in the minority in both houses of Congress will engage in using the filibuster on almost every nominee for any Federal judicial position and McConnell being the weak sister that he is will instead look to start cutting deals. Who will Senator McConnell look to help him? Not Senator Ted Cruz but of course President Donald Trump. Since Mr. Trump has boasted how he will “get things done” the list originally submitted to Senator Cruz and the conservatives cuck-savants will be tossed out the window as a new moderate judicial representative will be found that is acceptable to the establishment, the Democrat leadership, and of course designed to satisfy and make it look like Donald Trump played a major role in making government work again.

Whoever the nominee is will not be a Constitutional Conservative, he or she will not be of the Scalia cut or mold, and worse, will end up giving the leftists their long desired 5-4 majority as this justice will end up more in the Kennedy side of the judiciary than that of Clarence Thomas. Trump and McConnell will declare victory, Ted Cruz will be humiliated again, and the pro-establishment conservative media will call it “the best deal for the moment.”

I hope everyone dismisses this idea of the judiciary being stuffed with conservative Constitutional judges should Donald Trump win. Mitch McConnell and Charles Schumer will never let that happen and the mainstream media will guarantee that if anyone opposes these “moderate” nominees, then they are anti-American scum who should never be given a voice in the Senate or American politics ever again. The so-called  conservative media will whine and proclaim “but it’s still better than having Hillary make the nomination” and our Constitution shall continue to be shredded, one ruling at a time.

Good God Ted, you are such a dupe.

5 Comments on "The Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Supreme Court Fallacy"

  1. BillWhittleFan89 | 24/09/2016 at 22:38 |

    Good read and sadly accurate.

  2. danaellen | 24/09/2016 at 22:46 |

    So it is hopeless and the electorate is to blame. It is not rocket science that we weren’t ever going to see a Scalis on the court again. Cruz had to look like he was attempting to get something in return to endorse trump just to make preibus happy. Senator Cruz, please refund me all the money I donated to your campaign!

  3. This is spot on. Ted Cruz made a huge mistake.

  4. ReadTheConstitution | 25/09/2016 at 18:34 |

    The Republicans can change the filibuster rule. Will they? I don’t think this is a real concern. The risk to the party and the nation is far too great for McConnell to be allowed to side with Wall Street on this.

    Other Oligarchs and the Mob will probably provide sufficient pressure to ensure McConnell does what he has to do to get constructionist judges.

    Even if he doesn’t, the real problem is the usurpation of the rule of law by the Supreme Court. If we do not deal with that directly, it doesn’t matter who wins.

    The country has maybe 50 years left before it collapses, if we are lucky. The USA is definitely in its final death throes. The only pieces left to fall are the fiat money collapse, and removing the illusion of consent of the ruled.

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