Ron Paul is Right: No on Trump, No on Hillary, No on Gary Johnson, No on Stein (Video)

by John Galt October 1, 2016 18:50 ET Dr. Paul, you have no idea how much the real Libertarians miss you. This awesome video sums up the problem with the field of Presidential Candidates as Fox Business’ Stuart Varney asks Ron Paul who he will vote for (starting at 3:43 but the entire interview is worth watching): Amen Dr. Paul, Amen.

The Flip Flop Houthi Warriors Sink UAE High Speed Cargo Ship off Yemen (Video)

by John Galt October 1, 2016 18:30 ET In the ongoing war which the West downplays, the Saudis censor, and UAE regrets being forced to fight in, the old flip-flop wearing Houthi warriors struck a blow against the Emirates by apparently sinking their Swift HSV-2 cargo ship which they had leased in 2015 to move supplies to their forces and the Saudi military in Yemen. First, some background courtesy of the SNAFU blog from August 6, 2015: HSV-2 Swift supporting Saudi operations in Yemen? via Janes. The ex-US naval logistics ship…

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