Syria War Update: Videos of the Ground Assault on Aleppo

by John Galt
October 3, 2016 21:15 ET

In what can only be called a rare occurrence in modern warfare, a major assault by a large army is under way inside of a major city. In recent history, outside of Gulf War II, there have been few incursions into major cities and instead, bypassing and surrounding them has been the tactic of the day. However, Bashia al-Assad has no choice but to recapture the second largest city of Aleppo in its entirety to demonstrate he has control of what is left of his nation.

With reports of up to two Russian Marine Battalions participating in some role during the assault, look for an air cap which will prevent American or other nations interference in the ground offensive currently underway. First a video via Russian ANNA TV of the assault on Suleiman al-Halyabi in the Eastern portion of Aleppo:

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  1. XuscitizenSweden | 04/10/2016 at 16:47 |

    Good compilation of the past few days, hand-to-hand, bullet vs bullet, shell answering shell, the righteous vs the goatf_ckers.
    So you know johng_ , I looked at all of them.
    The last 1 I stopped after the music & the clown in Gaziantep said “regime”. 😉
    Regards X-

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