Earth Could be Heading into Another Ice Age

by John Galt
October 4, 2016 22:15 ET


2016 is turning out to be a very interesting year of transition. The sun has, for the 4th time this year has gone blank with zero sunspots and scientists are beginning to worry about it as the MSM starts to pick up on the story. From The Sun (UK):

CHILLING PREDICTION Planet Earth could be heading for an ICE AGE as face of The Sun ‘goes blank’


Normally, the face of our parent star is pocked by sunspots.

But it’s looking as smooth as a billiard ball right now and sunspots are appearing at the lowest rate for 10,000 years as solar activity slows down.

On the website Space Weather, a forecaster said there were more blank suns to come.

“There will be lots of spotless suns,” they said.

“At first, the blank stretches will be measured in days; later in weeks and months.

“The current blank spell is the 4th such interval of 2016, so far.”

It is feared the lack of sunspot activity could prompt the arrival of a cold snap similar to the Maunder Minimum, which started in 1645 and continued to about 1715.

This period is known as the Little Ice Age and became famous for the winter frost fairs held on the frozen surface of the Thames.

Last year, Professor Valentina Zharkova suggested a similar episode could hit Earth in the 2030s.

She said the Sun’s activity would drop by up to 60% during the next mini Ice Age, potentially causing crop failures and other minor disasters down here on Earth.

Then from Australia’s

Planet Earth could be heading for an Ice Age as face of The Sun ‘goes blank’


Meteorologist Paul Dorian told The Daily Star that the sharp decline in solar activity could be a sign of a new Ice Age.

“If history is any guide, it is safe to say that weak solar activity for a prolonged period of time can have a cooling impact on global temperatures in the troposphere which is the bottom most layer of Earth’s atmosphere—and where we all live.”

The propagation on shortwave has been lousy this year also, which is another indication of declining solar activity. The snapshot below of X-Ray Flux activity tonight is indicative of a dead period even though we do feel the impact form occasional solar storms:


On other nights recently the lines in the graph above are completely flat with little movement up or down in activity.

If this continues to accelerate, which the pace of solar activity declines are prone to do during a minimum period, look for the potential of rare major solar storms which cause massive disruptions along within the prolonged periods of a “dead” sun where indeed a repeat of the Maunder Minimum might bring snow back to Washington, D.C…in June.

That might finally shut the global warming loons up once and for all if they all freeze to death in our northern cities.

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  1. Sherry Martinez | 05/10/2016 at 10:53 |

    You might enjoy Robert Felix’s work. Lots of evidence suggests by 2017, it will be like Nimoy’s In Search age episode.

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