Wikilame Disappoints Again and Alex Jones Does an EPIC Implosion Live on INFOWARS

by John Galt
October 4, 2016 19:30 ET

I wish to thank CAFEdotcom on Twitter for posting this nicely edited shorter version (warning strong language):

Of course all 3 plus hours from overnight is available at the Alex Jones INFOWARS channel on YouTube and the EPIC portion starts at 2:00:00 into the video:

Hilarious. Just hilarious. I’m glad I didn’t stay up all night drinking grape Kool-Aid laced with whatever to watch this fiasco from Wikileaks or INFOWARS.

Psst, Alex, it’s not Wikirolled, it’s RickRolled and you got zinged again!


1 Comment on "Wikilame Disappoints Again and Alex Jones Does an EPIC Implosion Live on INFOWARS"

  1. Zetetic | 05/10/2016 at 06:24 |

    I find the post assessment of some other sites – which refuse to accept the fact Assange shares far more political beliefs with Hillary (with the only exception he is a pacifist and we know what Hillary is) than with the other guy he would never help – to be funny.
    From a failed Ninja assassin climbing the wall to a US drone strike on the Ecuadorian embassy in London keping him from “releasing” the truth.

    Julian is playing his part in their play to perfection. He should be finding himself free from the threat of any US prosecution come January. Just a few more countries to appease and he can leave the embassy.

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