Finland Reports 2 Suspected Russian Sukhoi SU-27 Fighters Violated its Airspace Today

by John Galt
October 6, 2016 20:20 ET


The Finnish Ministry of Defense now has reported TWO possible violations of their airspace by what appears to be Russian Sukhoi SU-27 aircraft:

Another possible violation of Finnish airspace

A second possible violation of Finnish airspace by a Russian SU-27 fighter has been detected in the Gulf of Finland south of Porvoo on Thursday October 6th at about 21.33 pm.

This second suspected airspace violation was similar to the one earlier the same afternoon at 4.43 pm. This was another plane.

The Air Force conducted an identification flight.

During Thursday the Russian military aviation over the Baltic Sea has been intense.

The Finnish Border Guard will investigate the matter.

The Cold War is heating up daily and now getting downright terrifying. Stay tuned as Kerry and Obama are ratcheting up the potential for a direct confrontation with Russia forces in Syria also.

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