‘Cause We’re Isruel!!!

by John Galt
October 21, 2016 05:00

The empire which once was had an interesting turn of events as its power and military declined. Then again, parallels do not matter, history does not matter, facts do not matter, ’cause We’re Amuricans!

Once upon a time, there was a great empire in the deserts which became the foundation for three of the major religions of the world.

For decades they obeyed the dictates of God and their rulers acted in a generally wise fashion to stay in the Lord’s good graces.

Unfortunately, one day, their arrogance became the foundation of their empire.

Adultery? Who cares, ’cause we’re Israel!

Sodomy and homosexuality spreading? Who cares, ’cause we’re Israel!

Human sacrifice, slavery, cruelty? Who cares, ’cause we’re Israel!

God mad at us? Who cares, ’cause we’re Israel!

Too bad that arrogance didn’t work out too well for them. Fast forward some 2,000 years and what is happening now?

Teaching Satan and satanic rituals to elementary school children while banning Bible studies? Who cares, ’cause we’re Amurica!

Adding LGBT (homosexual) studies for 2nd graders? Who cares, ’cause we’re Amurica!

Supporting regimes which promote terrorism (Iran) while insulting our allies in the region (Israel)? Who cares, ’cause we’re Amurica!

Killing an ambassador to keep an arms deal to Al-Qaeda (which became ISIS) going? Who cares, ’cause we’re Amurica!

Paying and encouraging people not to work while depending on the other 50% to pay for their sloth? Who cares, ’cause we’re Amurica!

Giving Presidential interviews to weirdos who sit in their own bathtub while eating Fruit Loops? Who cares, ’cause we’re Amurica!

Education system openly promotes mocking God and religion? Who cares, ’cause we’re Amurica!

Religious leaders defending vile, evil politicians to expand their own influence in the name of God? Who cares, ’cause we’re Amurica!

Starting wars without the approval of the citizens in our own country then destroying the target nation leaving a humanitarian disaster and doing nothing? Who cares, ’cause we’re Amurica!

Denying that terrorism is happening on U.S. soil but claiming it is the “citizen’s fault” with straw man arguments? Who cares, ’cause we’re Amurica!

A President who thanks a group openly promoting race wars? Who cares, ’cause we’re Amurica!

Promoting and supporting politicians guilty of adultery? Who cares, ’cause we’re Amurica!

Allowing the moneychangers aka, banksters, to steal from the citizens with no fear of prosecution? Who cares, ’cause we’re Amurica!

Lower education standards so students can get passing grades even if they have not learned the curriculum? Who cares, ’cause we’re Amurica!

Nominating liars, cheats, and thieves to run our nation? Who cares, ’cause we’re Amurica!

Putting judges into power that promote and support killing tens of millions of babies? Who cares, ’cause we’re Amurica!

Thinking we can win any war when our military is not ready or capable of fighting a major war now? Who cares, ’cause we’re Amurica!

I guess all that’s left is for God to turn his back on us also, just like he did the Israelite.

Then again, Who cares, ’cause we’re Amurica!


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  1. Zetetic | 22/10/2016 at 20:28 |

    Israel also demanded a king… and got one.

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