IF Trump Wins the Election…

by John Galt
November 1, 2016 18:30 ET


In a continuation from last night’s theme, here is the dreaded outcome if Donald J. Trump should win the 2016 Presidential election.

As the liberal media goes into over-stroke-time because this is becoming a growing reality as his team has somehow found a way to pry his cold, dead fingers off his phone so he does not go full metal retard and Tweet idiocy at 3 a.m., Hillary continues her implosion with state poll after state poll reflecting a declining desire to vote for the Wicked Witch and instead saying “bleep it” let’s go Holly-weird and bring in the Reality TV guy. Thus this is the #BestElectionEver for those of us in third party land because we can claim 100% innocence from the outcome with what amounts to the tactical exchange of nukes in a political sense.

Some of the pro-Trump people will scream that this list is “unfair and biased” but keep in mind, some of his policies I agree with 100%. It’s the fact, as I’ve stated previously, that his personality lends itself to become a modern day version of Hoover V2.0 which will destroy the Constitution in the name of popularity and policy while failing miserably in the key issues our society faces during this transition from a post-technology/industrial economy into an AI/Robotics culture. With that stated, hate me, love me, I don’t care as here is what I think will happen if Donald J. Trump becomes President of the United States one week from today:

  • The Federal Reserve member banks will unleash their fury by initiating a 13-21% one day stock market crash some time between November 10th to December 16th before they leave for the holidays. Obama will call this the “Trump Effect” instead of taking responsibility for his actions which actually caused this economic crisis.
  • Obamacare will fail completely and be repealed by June 1, 2017.
  • The United States – Mexico border will require the deployment of the U.S. military to process all of the illegal aliens fleeing the U.S.  In retaliation, Mexico threatens to close their border to all U.S. citizens wishing to visit. Over 500,000 leave in the first 6 months of his administration.
  • Two former Clinton administration officials/associates with the failed Hillary campaign commit Vince Fostercide instead of testifying to a newly empaneled Grand Jury.
  • TPP dies as President Trump vows to veto every bill or act passed by the Congress until this treaty is rejected.
  • Harry Reid is indicted for real estate and wire fraud and arrested by the FBI in 2018.
  • As the FBI probe intensifies and more damning information discovered, Hillary Clinton is “diagnosed” with cancer.
  • Sean Hannity resigns from Fox News to join the Trump team.
  • Donald Trump fires all Federal Prosecutors appointed by Barack Obama. The liberals scream bloody murder.
  • After the economic crash accelerates in late 2017, President Trump scores a diplomatic coup by arranging a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Reykjavik, Iceland (yes, the same as Reagan) where a new non-aggression pact is signed and further efforts to begin strategic arms talks agreed to. Putin violates this agreement by 2019 with the deployment of new strategic bombers and ICBM’s.
  • Gold tops $2,500 per ounce. Silver breaks $50 again.
  • Janet Yellen resigns in late 2017.
  • NBC News loses their White House press credentials after relentless attacks in the first 180 days. To spite them, Breitbart News is issued credentials AND their seat during press conferences.
  • Four major bank CEO’s and CFO’s are indicted for their activities leading to the 2008 crisis and activities relating to influence peddling with the Obama administration.
  • The Voice of America is re-branded as the American Freedom Network and a domestic service is launched on cable, broadcast television, shortwave, mediumwave, and FM. NPR funding is reduced 80%.
  • President Trump announces the end of the volunteer army and to reduce youth unemployment signs an act requiring two years mandatory minimum military service for 18-25 year old men and women.
  • Qatar breaks off diplomatic relations with the United States.
  • Jerusalem is recognized as the national capitol of Israel and the U.S. moves its embassy there.
  • The Mexican Peso tops 25 to the US Dollar.
  • Kayne West performs at the White House.
  • As his popularity begins to wane in 2018, President Trump launches the first one week reality TV show from the White House. Ugh.
  • Senator Ted Cruz leaves the Republican Party.
  • After a mass shooting performed by an insane former socialist using an AR-15, President Trump agrees with the Congress and signs the first ever bipartisan comprehensive assault weapons and high capacity magazine ban.
  • As the criticism of his administration mounts in 2018, President Trump signs the bipartisan modern version of the Fairness Doctrine which has added applicability to the internet for those websites with over 250,000 views per month and those engaged in what is determined as “political speech” which requires a mandatory rebuttal.
  • 2018 Annual GDP: -7.9% Dow finishes in the 12,000 range. President Trump agrees to the bank demands to hyperinflate.

And this is my most optimistic outlook. It might end up being a lot worse should this reality occur.

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